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Custody situation: nephew's dad is not, nor has he ever been, in the picture.
Only two major figures from the old regime are in custody.
The alleged thief was taken into custody but no charges were brought for lack of evidence.
Paramilitary cops in ski masks taking dudes into custody.
Many are extracted from police custody only by bribes.
Pepper spray use has been suspected of contributing to a number of deaths that occurred in police custody.
No one can say why his treatment in custody is more lenient this time around.
But the principle was there, of putting natural food into temporary protective custody for retail sale.
The number of arrests swelled, often with entire groups being taken into custody.
No one explained how he could have recorded a video in custody.
Abas' change of direction also had a practical benefit: it won his release from custody.
Reports of the oil are universal among all who ever had custody of the bones.
He was sentenced to eight months in prison, which by then he'd already served in pre-trial custody.
The police took him into custody once again, but he was let out on bail and has since taken flight.
Instead, children are put into the custody of a single parent after divorce.
The courts have generally ensured that parents without custody are granted access, from the viewpoint of children's welfare.
In custody, he was beaten up by the chief of police.
Some lost sight of their families at checkpoints or were taken into state custody.
It regularly tops client polls for custody services and securities lending.
The parents are divorced, and the father now has custody.
She pleaded for her friends who are still in custody, and showed a number of bruises and injuries on her body.
Now fresh out of custody and broke, he was ready to get back into the growing business.
Three of the five went home and had a night's sleep before they were ever taken into custody.
When she arrived at court for her divorce and custody hearing, however, she came with a wheelchair.
The constable who had risked his life remained in police custody for weeks.
Some are divorced fathers with sole or joint custody.
Ever since, they've been fighting for custody in the courts.
Custody investigations or evaluations are often ordered in contested custody and visitation cases.

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