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Claw hand is a condition that causes curved or bent fingers.
Chimps have shorter thumbs and curved fingers, good for hanging from tree branches.
The desk is also made of birch, its edge gently curved to echo the ceiling's lines.
Magnificent, spherical cactus covered with bright yellow curved spines.
It was believed that the species' long, banana-curved lower jaws belonged to females.
From time to time he pauses to hone his curved steel blade on the stone he keeps in a belt pouch.
Imagine sliding down the family's elegant curved staircase.
It also happens to be the first time that the series is being shown on a curved wall.
They could not make the curved wingtips and ribs themselves.
If the holes are notched where the dough enters them, the pasta will be curved.
The result is an elegantly curved flight path, created as the airplane lifts itself through the changes in direction.
The building had curved, roughly plastered concrete walls and a swelling roof that resembled a nun's wimple.
He's got his stubby neck curved round, biting at the gaff.
The curved horizon was defined by the inky blackness of space.
If it is curved, the pattern will be altered in predictable ways.
Banana-lovers used to be happy with anything that was vaguely yellow, curved and unsquashed.
One experimental example is a camera, modeled after an eyeball, that features a curved array of light sensors.
The researchers can spread the display over a curved surface without affecting performance.
Light could be emitted over large areas from curved surfaces of unusual shapes.
Also, the flexible nature of the cells means they could be put on one dimensionally curved surfaces.
He determined that the creature was long-necked, used its wings to glide, and had curved feet that suggest it lived in trees.
The former is about interpolation of surface normal to approximate curved surfaces.
The mathematics here indicates that spacetime becomes infinitely curved, creating what astrophysicists call a singularity.
It has a slightly different design, with curved edges.
The curved shape is to help keep the leg from getting caught on obstacles, such as stairs.
The backside is curved and rubberized, which makes for a firm, comfortable grip.
Plus, its flexible, so it looks great on curved surfaces.
It is a celebration of beautiful curves, with even curved side windows.
Upgraded baths in each room include adjustable shower heads and curved shower rods.
Room amenities include curved shower rods, refrigerators and work desks.
Bathrooms include a curved shower rod for more space and light in the shower.
Bathrooms include marble sinks, mounted hair dryers and curved shower rods.
It also allowed him to grow his fingernails until they curved.
Other curved lines may be seen parallel to the surface.
Below the bridge curved a railroad, a maze of green and crimson lights.
On transverse section the horizontal portion exhibits a prismatic, the curved portion a semicylindrical form.
So that every wand or staff of empire is forsooth curved at top.
Don't have the tops wider than absolutely necessary not to bind, and don't have them curved or fancy in shape.
Using only stone tools, the flute maker would have had to split a section of curved ivory along its natural grain.
For one you see those wild curved and washed out rocks here and then there was this group of autumn leaves trapped is a swirl.
He understood that the natural world is rife with curved forms, not straight lines.
Parabolic troughs are large, curved mirrors that capture sunlight and reflect it onto an oil-filled pipe in the mirror's center.
His torso is curved as if swaying to music only he hears.
The first test used visual clues such as parallel lines, curved versus straight lines, and holes.
The savanna elephant has the more familiar thick, curved ivory shape.
Parabolic ovens are also known as curved concentrator ovens.
Though his spine appears curved, it was probably misaligned during embalming.
They are curved, being blunt at the apex and sharp in the crescent.
Vertical turbines have two or more tall blades, curved or straight, that rotate around the tower.
There is a powder room between the library and the large curved landing at the top of the stair.
It still doesn't add up because space time is curved.
Furthermore, the cursor trajectories were more curved when the words sounded similar.
All that remains visible are long, curved jaws that lie open waiting for prey.
But on its own, the big bang theory would leave us in a curved universe where matter and energy aren't well mixed.
Their fangs are shorter and intensely curved towards the back to hold onto their prey once bitten.
Time is already curved and rotating as it collapses in.
The path of light is linear within spacetime that may be contracted, or curved, by gravitation.
The integrated fabric of space-time thus becomes curved or warped accounting for relativity effects.
There's a steep, curved falloff in the power loss over distance.
In the general theory of relativity light follows a straight path while space is curved.
The refraction of light through a curved surface is what gives the flat sunset the appearance of curvature.
They're influenced by their anatomy: crows have straight bills but keas have curved ones.
Inside the event horizon, space is so curved that no paths out of the hole exist, even for light.
In the press release they're not clear about the curved line emanating to the right of the nucleus.
However, space-time is curved: flat space expands in the time direction making space-time curved.
Club-winged manakins have one peculiar wing feather with a stiff, curved tip, right next to one with a series of ridges.
The curved line of the triangle on the left is the limb of the planet.
The bubble's curved nature means that the air inside it is at a higher pressure than air outside it.
Inside the event horizon, space is so curved that no path out of the hole exists, even for light.
It had raced up his jaw and curved beneath the floor of his mouth, giving him the look of a mutant chipmunk.
It is also possible that a time window could be opened up by a single string curved into a closed loop.
It consists of a curved copper sheet engraved with letters, surrounded by large rocks and a pool of water.
Maybe on impact there were many solid bits that left long dusty trails as their trajectory curved back in.
The curved surface sends back both blue and yellow light, which combine to form the butterfly's brilliant green colour.
So the curved shape of the prosthetic limbs is what is troubling.
In any curved spacetime, the interval will be a different function of the coordinates.
The curved scar slicing through his right eyebrow is the signature to a portrait already rich in character.
Recently it was discovered that light rays can travel without diffraction in a curved arc in free space.

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