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Why curve-bending has become such a popular sport and notes from the department of amplification.
It's not easy and the learning curve can be expensive.
We believe that part of the reason behind this steep learning curve has been the lack of controversy about teaching comprehension.
The sediments in this photo curve near the ends of chert pods.
If some of them get caught in a downpour during cold weather, he's fatally behind the curve.
Of course, the learning curve has been pretty steep.
It is situated in the floor of the mouth, within the curve of the body of the mandible.
With another pupil, he stood at the curve of the piano, singing and even occasionally dancing to make his points.
People at rand imagined themselves to be well out on the curve.
He had a kind of curve in his spine, and his entire posture indicated that he was exhausted.
Whether a closed curve in space has a knot in it or not is, however, a topological property of the curve in space.
Getting out ahead of the curve can produce backlash that does more harm than good.
Particles remove some nodes of the network from space, which causes the surrounding space to curve.
But that few percent at the bottom of the curve represents a quantum leap in intercontinental and intercultural communication.
If one can draw a parabolic curve under a price chart of something, then it is a bubble.
As expected with using an entirely new method of control, there's a steep learning curve involved.
They curve wildly, practically bouncing around in midair.
And because the edges of the tube curve away from the film, the x-rays get scattered about, causing distortion.
Apparently, some people learn how to make bullets curve by moving their gun.
There on the screen, a continuous sine curve pulsed, and a new era began.
And it costs thousands of dollars in renovations to beat the depreciation curve.
Given that podcasting didn't exist nine months ago, this adoption curve is impressive.
But more than anything, he had a remarkable feel for shifting musical tastes and for staying ahead of the curve.
So he's got a lot more upside on the developmental curve.
It led to a five-foot-wide walnut staircase that swept up in a sumptuous curve to the floor above.
Promoting every curve through slimline, sophisticated dresses.
In this zone of vulnerability, the demand curve is upward sloping.
He is thus able to trace, say, the curve of a graph or the border of a country.
Adopting an economic approach, the report develops what it calls a water availability cost curve.
There is a learning curve and there are a lot of videos online that can help you learn it.
Ever wondered why the photopic curve is much less sensitive to the blue end of the spectrum.
In any random process, there is a distribution, and of course some will be outliers on both ends of the curve.
We are at the top of the production curve and no where to go but down.
It's important to have an understanding of when resource extraction will peak and it's likely decline curve.
Anyone touting hypnosis is already working behind the legitimacy curve.
We are entering that explosive part of the technological evolution curve right now.
On the way down, the sword straightens out the curve of the esophagus and nudges certain organs out of the way.
In your test of audiometry must have a variation in the curve.
The standard candle and light curve is simply due to circuit parameters of galactic transmission lines, which power all stars.
Its velocity is imparted equally to the entire structure, producing a flat rotational curve.
Why, because curve fitters are fine for looking at gross scale trends but they miss the small variations.
Yet when it comes to social adaptation and technology, we're more than behind the curve.
We are on a learning curve where some new ideas become the vogue for a period until a better theory takes their place.
The curve is crucial for one tiny moment of every stroke the dolphin makes-the exact moment it switches between up and down.
It is similar, but instead of drilling straight holes you drill holes which curve.
But to the left of that they have a swooping curve that seems to indicate growth in the absolute number of cancer cells.
Pickens tried to get ahead of the curve by investing his sizable fortune in the future.
The field equations represent a continuously differentiable curve from the singularity all the way to infinity.
If you integrate the area under the sunspots-vs-time curve, you'll get a steadily rising value.
It's the only way to play with the thrust-time curve, although it's not variable once you've made the mold.
But going upward and leftward you will arrive at a point where the curve trends sharply upward and to the right.
To describe the data only in the center of the curve is to ignore valuable statistical data, that is statistically relevant.
Global production will soon be on the downside of the same dismal curve.
Then the drill's path has to curve into the original well.
In an interview, he doesn't grade questions on the curve.

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