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He imagines that a window curtain is a stage curtain with a packed auditorium on the other side.
With each step, the curtain of mountain and forest draws tighter, sealing you off from the modern world.
The video game's sound effects seem to fade behind a muffling curtain of suspense.
But then the colors vanish all at once as if a curtain has been pulled down.
In autumn, when water levels are low, the falls is a peaceful white curtain surrounded by bright yellow and red foliage.
Then they would walk behind a curtain to be confronted by the mirror.
We ducked through a bright green curtain into a tiny airless room piled with books and smelling of incense and human sweat.
After first checking out the target, one group had to putt the ball under a curtain obscuring the view.
After viewing the scene, a curtain would lower over the table.
Night was drawing and closing her curtain up above the world, and down beneath it.
Come, draw this curtain, and let's see your picture.
They are extraordinarily level, one long curtain of lacework and woven foam.
Between him and the truth the avarice of a sordid landlady interposes the curtain of a lie.
Thereupon the people hung a curtain about her, and retired.
Somewhere beyond the curtain of the fifth act lies a world more stable and sane, less petty and less murderous and less ignoble.
Rather, in concert they'll map the shadow it casts on a curtain of hot gas behind it.
The curtain has been opened, revealing the meaning and consequences of the tenure system.
Because you had absolutely no idea what went on behind the curtain.
One certainty is that my dean adeptly choreographed the event, unbeknownst to me until the curtain had already fallen.
Some professors only want to reveal one curtain which doesn't work well.
Perhaps if the profession let its journeymen take a few peeks behind the curtain, this type of article would not be necessary.
Make a shower curtain by threading a length of rope through the eyelets on a standard opaque shower curtain.
The outer wall, or curtain wall, was the castle's first line of defense.
Your task is to click on the curtain that you feel has the picture behind it.
Surly, maker of tough bikes for tough people with a sense of humor, has pulled back the curtain on the coming year's new products.
It took a while for middle-market cars to get side-curtain air bags, but now they all have them.
The purple velveteen curtain is shabby, a castoff from the public school.
Nowhere does the composer emerge before the curtain to ask for sympathy for the struggle that made the music possible.
To their horror, as the curtain falls, there is a ghastly applause.
The curtain opened to reveal a noisy, dusty construction scene.
After briefly rising, a curtain of fear has descended.
When the curtain came down, a lot of things came down with it.
Many of them have trouble remembering to put the curtain inside the tub before turning on the shower.
But every once in a while, a dark, masked face peers out from behind a curtain of leaves.
Behind a curtain he found two long rifles with scopes.
He would survey the room before he went in and would make fussy adjustments-such as straightening the curtain weights.
Sixteen years go by as a curtain billows once, twice.
The cool world and the straight world collide as the curtain comes up.
If it were a sound, it would be the muttering of a cast awaiting the inexplicably delayed rise of a curtain.
Clifton believed and showed in her poems that there is but a sheer curtain between the living and the dead.
Dancers file across a stage, then loop around a transparent curtain.
The blue-eyed doctor hidden behind a conveniently located velvet curtain.
It seemed as if someone had pulled a curtain to one side to reveal a formless scene that bordered upon the underworld.
Hanging from each blimp would be a football-field-size curtain made of electrical wires--live electrical wires.
The resident's voice rang out as he flung back the curtain.
Both of these tend to push back the gaseous curtain enshrouding them, letting us peek in on the newborns.
More elevated encounters with low-energy electrons may also elicit a red glow from oxygen at the upper edges of a green curtain.
Meanwhile the curtain has risen on the third act in the drama of the dynamic vacuum.
It was as if a geochronological curtain were drawn across the mystery of our species' birth.
Here's a peak behind the curtain in the photo editing process.
From the opening curtain on, exoticism was in the air.
The sets, despite an irrelevant smoke-breathing dragon looming at the top of the curtain, are big but blah.
The majority of the photos were of cattle, farmers or a weather related event, such as the wind blowing the curtain.
The third curtain was installed to allow selective withdrawal through a low-level intake structure.
The gallery was used to simulate face airflow conditions in underground mines having a blowing curtain.
Shock-driven gas curtain: fractal dimension evolution in transition to turbulence.

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