cursory in a sentence

Example sentences for cursory

But, publicly, the agency released only cursory information about what the malware affected and how it could be mitigated.
But the administration's preparations have been cursory.
Most notably, it identifies areas worth exploring later, and allows for cursory glances at sights not worth the effort otherwise.
Most only give the manuals a cursory glance and then only for the primary functions.
Even a cursory glance at the history of communications technology shows a recurring pattern.
Please ask yourself why you're so willing to discard so much evidence when you haven't even taken a cursory look at it.
Records from the hearings show that only a cursory effort was made to reach them.
And even a cursory look at his gallery of work makes its stealth and subversiveness abundantly clear.

Famous quotes containing the word cursory

For many people religion is a rigid concept, somewhat like a stone that is passed from generation to generation. We don'... more
A short letter to a distant friend is, in my opinion, an insult like that of a slight bow or cursory saluta... more
We do not talk—we bludgeon one another with facts and theories gleaned from cursory readings of newspaper... more
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