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The triumphs of childhood curse the rest of our days.
The movie tells the story of a curse that befalls people who die in the grip of a powerful rage.
If there is a cause, there is a cure and those with that curse can be brought back to normalcy or some semblance of a normal life.
One of the few foil cutters that can handle the curse of the hirsute.
We found that when the former president is still around it can be either a blessing or a curse.
It is a perfect example of the so-called resource curse.
It is the curse of paleontologists that they can never attain a definitive understanding of the creatures that so captivate them.
The curse of these lightweight birds is that they injure all too easily.
Post a curse over the grave so that nobody will dig it up.
However, what is a blessing for the atmosphere turns out to be a curse for the oceans.
For pianists and guitarists, small fingers are a curse.
Some are serious, some less so, and some are so ridiculous as to make you curse the egalitarian world of online publishing.
Throughout its history, this has been a both blessing and a curse.
The pathogens that proved a curse to ancient mummies may yet provide a cure for ancient scourges that still plague humanity.
Dimmer is more of a curse than a blessing, constantly futzing up the light output.
Even precious metals cannot escape the curse of the portfolio investor, in other words.
Your children will curse you for bringing them into this dying world.
Shutter lag, they call it, and it's still the curse of digital cameras.
All this shows that mineral resources need not always be a curse.
Perhaps its extendability is both its strength and its curse.
When it comes to sky shows, sometimes a lunar blessing can be a meteor's curse.
Soon it was his turn to let out an involuntary curse of astonishment.
Depending on what you're into, this is either a blessing or a curse.
But he also won't be around to further defend himself, either, which perhaps his supporters would consider a curse.
They began to curse him and to say horrible things to him and about him and his family.
But for children, surprisingly, happiness can be a curse.
Owning a home became a curse instead of a blessing to many.
He suddenly lifted his left hand as though he were pointing to something above and bringing down a curse on us all.
The curse of the lawyer, the search for precedent, is written on the brow of pedagogy.
Getting prosperous too quickly and too easily may well be a curse, albeit hidden for the time being.
Reducing lived lives to data points is genealogy's curse, but also its blessing.
To have once imagined and composed fiction, it seemed, laid him under an indelible curse of unreality.
Her father didn't approve of him and put a curse on her.
Friends and relatives treat this high incidence of snow trouble as evidence of a family curse, or plain idiocy.
Obsolescence is the curse of electronics: no sooner have you bought a gadget than its hardware is outdated.
Sometimes they were seen as a curse-an unwanted burden on a family's resources.
But dearer food is not a pure curse: it produces winners as well as losers.
Future generations, he says, might curse him for such a move.
Yet killings in conflict, the curse of humanity since the ancient world, have been in marked decline in the past two decades.
Bones built in me, flesh filled, blood brimmed the curse.
But put forth thine hand now, and touch all that he hath, and he will curse thee to thy face.
We want to be able to enjoy animated movies with our children that are not inappropriately suggestive or full of curse words.
His curse has been transmitted down the generations, whether via the food chain or the chromosomes is unclear.
He plays bedroom soul music loud, as if to counteract a curse.
The curse specifically warns against disturbing the tomb or placing another corpse in it.
If regolith is the curse of lunar exploration, it may also prove to be a blessing.
Understanding the why of those damnable gray clouds hanging around overhead doesn't make me curse them any less.
Continuing on our current path of abusing the ecology will cause future generations to curse us forever.
Then you realize how unique he was and you curse yourself for not having appreciated him more when you had the chance.
Take my word for it, hypermasculinity can be a curse as well as a blessing.
Sure he didn't curse and all that but he did scare the living day lights out of enough people to have them pay attention.
Upon further consideration of what one sees on the ground, it's a curse.
Science curse them and their logic and observation.
Such is the curse of a successful wrestling program.
He doesn't shout, doesn't curse, doesn't tell anybody they're stupid or wrong.

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