curried in a sentence

Example sentences for curried

Outside, the dhow crews wash up around buckets in the hot afternoon sun and sit around piles of rice and curried crab.
The varied menu provides such fare as curried vegetables, three-cheese ravioli and lobster mac and cheese.
Also on the menu are curried crisped oysters with coconut wasabi dressing.
Local specialties include callaloo soup and rotis, which are pastry turnovers stuffed with curried meat or seafood.
The curried spinach with cheese and spicy chicken vindaloo are a few of the signature dishes.
The highlight is succulent curried fresh-water mussels on rice.
In addition to curried and jerked meats, oxtail and ginger beer.
Bitter melon is commonly stuffed, curried or pickled.
Participants and attendees sampled items from curried goat meat to goat meat sausage and barbeque.
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