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We are currently updating the site and should be back within a few hours.
He is currently working on a book about the world's largest unsolved art heist.
Submissions will open shortly as the site is currently under construction.
She currently covers the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.
About half the students currently enrolled in higher education are at community colleges.
Comments are currently closed and new comments are no longer being accepted.
Although the chemical known as deet currently dominates the mosquito-repellent market, nature is full of bug-banishing strategies.
Workers will remove the marble panels that currently block the view to the museum's third floor.
Not many countries in the world are currently immersed in significantly reforming their higher education systems.
Fortunately, the paranoia currently festering is not yet sufficiently widespread to repeat our earlier mistake.
The combined street value of the bottles currently in this room runs into the tens of thousands.
They have found a way to create a stronger and safer frame than the artificial bone scaffolds currently in use.
One idea is offering credit scores that are more fine-grained than those currently provided.
The above photo inspired the skeletal display currently on view.
It may depend on the engineering background you currently have.
We are currently reviewing our internal procedures to do our best to ensure that this type of mistake does not happen again.
Whether oil is currently used to generate power or not is besides the point.
They're currently pushing to cycle folks through the program more quickly.
But more savings or higher taxation now would require those currently at work to defer consumption.
He is currently helping plan a new government for his country.
He is currently writing a book about early woolly mammoth discoveries.
Kids play at our house all the time and currently climb the tree.
The other problem is that the disposal of coal fly ash is currently exempt from federal regulation.
Applicants who currently hold full-time faculty appointments should send a list of references.
They are currently stored in two really big and really heavy boxes.
The end of the year is nigh, and holiday events are either already underway or currently being planned.
Currently children illegally obtain prescription drugs, alcohol and cigarettes, all of which are regulated.
Compounds currently in clinical trials close these cellular pores to stop the wave in its tracks.
As currently written, the bill would exempt from expanded oversight the loans that small businesses make to their customers.
Scientists are currently pursuing a variety of such devices to generate electricity in an environmentally friendly manner.
Imagine that success on some of these currently marginal climate issues came fairly quickly and easily.
String theory, currently a popular idea, holds that the universe is made up of tiny vibrating strings.
First, he rejects any ideas that are at odds with what is currently understood about the fundamental laws of physics.
Much of the work currently being done in alternative fuel has no economic direction and therefore no feasibility.
Microbes currently are used in mining to help recover metals such as gold, copper and uranium.
Several teams are currently studying how prion disease progresses in animals to find a way to stop it.
These and other questions are currently being addressed by a number of studies in different laboratories around the world.
Orbital debris is a big problem, and there's currently no real solution.
Currently, people can purchase wind energy or a mix of wind and hydroelectric through the website.
There currently are no clear federal measures in place, however, to guarantee their quality and accuracy.
To upload your photos you currently have a few choices.
The snail is currently at the height of its invasion, experts say, and the its success makes eradication near-impossible.
Currently, bird and human strains do this in two different locations.
Currently doctors only have hours to get a donated organ into a living patient before the organ becomes too damaged.
Only three such diversions currently operate in the state.
Currently, however, the high price of natural gas has oil companies swarming over the marshes looking for deep gas reservoirs.
Since the population there is so high, there has to be a large scale of people that are currently unemployed.
It could answer questions about quantum mechanics that are currently far too complicated for a regular computer to field.
Indeed, giving insurance to currently uncovered groups may cause costs to spiral up faster.
In one group after another, forecasters championed the same color families and same modifications of currently popular colors.
The space shuttle astronauts currently wear two difference types of space suits.
The process is currently in human testing and could be available within five years.
Currently, these sensors require a gel or an allergy-inducing adhesive.
The company has demonstrated the technology in its own test engine, and says it is currently testing it with three automakers.
The material currently used to make transparent electronics, indium tin oxide, is expensive and brittle.
The device has been tested on individuals recovering from surgery and is currently being tested on athletes.
The company currently has two rockets in production.
Currently, several companies are trying out prototype hybrid utility trucks and delivery trucks.
Currently, the fastest transistors--found in telecommunication technology--are clocked at a couple hundred gigahertz.
Currently, the only way for patients with glaucoma to keep tabs on the disease is to go to the doctor's office.
Use of the technology is currently limited to a single layer of neurons grown in culture.
Though the novel itself is currently in the spotlight, its characters are intensely private people.
Unfortunately, polyurethane is currently made with toxic chemicals called isocyanates.
The crossword is currently unavailable due to technical issues for many puzzlers.

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