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Bags of gold, silver, and paper currency arrived here by horse-drawn vans and were carted upstairs to the vaults.
But often there is something amiss when a middle-income country has such a rich currency.
The currency of higher education is defined by intellectual objectives.
It can raise suspicions at customs and you'll get ripped off by a currency exchange.
Prices are not real high relative to historic pricing when adjusted for inflation and currency fluctuations.
To a scientist credibility is more valuable than currency.
All of which are the currency of interconnectedness.
The vast influx of gold and silver was no different than the inflation of a fiat currency.
But, as of yet, there is no sign of a general rush to trade protectionism or to beggar-thy-neighbor currency policies.
In our culture of hype, the currency of praise has been so de-valued that no one credits it, even when deserved.
Greed, corruption and vengeance serve as currency of the realm.
They are language and currency, the fabric that holds the game's world together.
When a currency becomes meaningless, business is done in barter.
It has taken steps to promote the yuan as a reserve currency-a status that some believe is long overdue.
One currency in particular-the yuan-is on the minds of legislators.
Once these conditions are in place, it will make sense to use the yuan as a reserve currency.
Optimists, however, argue there may be benefits from today's fad for currency fiddling.
The government is forced to draw down its foreign-currency reserves to pay for imports, service debt, and cover private losses.
The only reason to buy gold is fear that the currency may collapse.
There's currency risk, too, especially since many of our creditors are foreigners.
When so-called realism was the literary currency of the day.
Some investors watch currency fluctuations as a way to see how much faith there is in various economies.
Every traveler worries about where to exchange whatever foreign currency she's carrying into the local currency.
Currency issues are a growing source of global friction.
There are bizarre references to creating a new currency.
Peer review sites should be judged on their depth, breadth and currency.
It is often difficult to understand foreign currency conversion fees.
The euro was an incomplete currency and its architects knew it.
The loans carried low rates of interest-far below the rate of inflation-so that they could be repaid in devalued currency.
Or you can dwell on the relative strength of your currency.
Cooling things off a bit is clearly the government's priority this year, and a rising currency helps.
It wasn't currency speculators, or bird flu carriers.
Its financial and currency policies were also aimed at deriving maximum support from external demand.
The nation's currency, the riel, is losing value so fast that businessmen are running to the bank to get dollars.
She still also routinely goes to the currency exchange for stamps.

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