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Straight hair may seem easy to brush but it actually tangles more often than curly locks.
One has dark curly hair with green eyes and the other has straight blonde hair with blue eyes.
Unmold mousse and serve on curly kale, with lemon mayonnaise poured over the top.
He is five feet eight inches tall, with curly, thinning hair and crow's-feet.
Their curly haired dog suns itself on the lighthouse steps.
It even says in the book that he has curly red hair.
The items in curly braces are there to indicate that there might be a number of possibilities.
Also, if you have curly hair be prepared for a change in texture.
Something that is still almost impossible to make is a curly hair wig.
The vineyards were green still, thickly spotted with curly, blood-red branches.
As a watermelon ripens and develops its mature color, check the curly tendril that emerges from the stem end regularly.
First a digital image processor replaces each cell with a curly silhouette of dots.
It can be a red head with pale skin or dark skin with curly hair.
His hair is brown and curly and responsive to neither comb nor brush.
She had a round face and curly hair bleached by chlorine to the various colors of winter weeds.
Her hair was thick and gray and curly, pinned back in a bun.
The skillet produces curly slices, but requires more time and attention.
The sisters wore floor- length skirts and wigs of bouffant curly hair.
His hair is brown and curly and he has a round nose.
Light-skinned and curly-haired, she rips the roof off the song.
Curly never admitted that the spin wasn't on the level, but he never claimed it was.
His once boyish curly brown hair is now slicked down.
Her curly hair has been straightened and highlighted, and her features have been altered.
Resistance to curly top viruses through virus induced gene silencing.

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