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Example sentences for curling

It is the corner of the rug that keeps curling up and it is the three-way light bulb that works only one-away.
It is the same thing as bowling or curling or darts.
Another patient has two artificial hips: the curling cells shut off blood flow to the joints, killing the bone.
Their faces were sun-burnt, their hair all curling, and they had silver rings in their ears.
Spiral galaxies are named for the arms curling outward from a central core of stars and gas.
Far out, a swell appears, and breaks into a curling lip.
Curling among the hunks of wreckage were threads of blood.
Shah lowers his machine gun, smoke curling from the barrel.
The last brown scrub oak leaves curling closed toward winter.
Stroll along the boardwalk, wend your way through the curling pathways, and behold the best view of the city.
Rich gilt embossing and sturdy, padded covers will prolong the life of your maps by preventing curling pages and torn edges.
It pauses, curling its tail into a tight loop, then darts beneath a flat rock.
Because other people find happiness curling up by a fire and reading a novel.
Bobbing in the primitive oceans, the molecules would have hidden their water-hating sides away by curling into tiny spheres.
Curling is a serious game, but it is nothing if it is not humorous.
Curling and warping stresses subject the pavement to tensile damage, and help generate transverse cracks.
Subgrade stiffness not considered in slab thermal curling stresses.
Curling is the distortion of a slab into a curved shape by upward or downward bending of the edges.

Famous quotes containing the word curling

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