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Mixed with chemicals, biocatalysts tend to curl up and die.
Stony ridges rise up from ravines, dry riverbeds and hardly vegetated plains, and curl around each other.
Yes, the mentions of rats make me want to curl up in full fetal too.
Put in a stewpan and cook until oysters are plump and edges begin to curl.
Arrange oysters on the half shell in a dripping-pan, and bake in a hot oven until edges curl.
But our loaded dugouts would have shoved their noses under every curl.
But you may be telling people things that would make your hair curl.
Curl up and watch an in-room movie or take a dip in the indoor heated swimming pool.
The reddish leaves curl into tubes that lure insects that fall into digestive enzymes in the bottom, feeding the plant.
At night, the puppies curl up in the prisoners' locked cells.
With time the lids begin to scar from the inside, causing them to curl in upon themselves.
They might crouch and curl their necks and tuck their beaks into their wings, but it is a nap that lasts only minutes.
Take a look at the swirling shape of a galaxy or the powerful curl of a ram's horn.
Look at the swirling shape of a hurricane or the powerful curl of a ram's horn.
When threatened, a coral snake will curl the tip of its tail to confuse its attacker as to which end is its head.
As his whiskers dry, they will curl toward his reddish face, stained from iron in the mud where he feeds.
Mentone water is so mineral laden, pipes clog and lawns curl up and die.
Tugging causes the fabric to curl toward the center, and the cloth will also stretch.
The long neck ends not with a curl above the sound box but a carved horse's head.
Tables and couches upstairs afford customers a chance to curl up with a tome for hours.
The dogs are fed and curl up under the sleds for shelter.
Dogs and cats can actually curl up in a ball when they sleep.
Then he'll retreat to a corner of the house, curl up into a tight little ball, and growl at anyone that comes near him.
So read on and let the following examples inspire you to curl up by the fire.
Ailments you may encounter include peach leaf curl and brown rot of stone fruit.
For peach leaf curl on peach and nectarine trees, spray with lime sulfur after leaves fall.
The way the leaves emerge from the center and spill out and curl under.
The ability to communicate subtle emotions with a simple raised eyebrow or curl of the lip may be innate.
And they found that every coat's appearance boils down to three simple traits: length, curl and texture.
Once completed, proteins curl up into complex shapes that let them do the actual work of life.
Chains of formaldehyde molecules spontaneously curl into rings, forming various sugars.
Instead, their axons curl together into large bundles.
It's conceivable that these species needed to be so oddly limber while they were still embryos, to curl their necks up in the egg.
What he really wants is to curl up so as to give himself a hug, to accept his own warmth.
Hold out your right hand, stick your thumb up and then your fingers curl in the direction of the electrical charge.
The metal-silicon films curl up slightly, which makes them somewhat difficult to handle on a conventional production line.
As the motor pulls the cables, the fingers curl around an object much as human fingers would.
With lashes, always use a lash curler to maximize the curl and use lash-repair products at nighttime to nourish lashes.
She always stroked around her temples, from her temples to the tip of the curl of her hair behind her ear.
She's looking up at the wallpaper in the entry, where it's beginning to curl near the ceiling.
Curl the sides of the seaweed sheet upwards, similar to a sushi item one might conceivably purchase at a restaurant.
The fungus appears as fuzzy white or gray splotches that may cover the leaves and make them twist, curl and drop.
Curl up in your favorite chair with a pen and something delicious, and let the words flow.
It's time to curl up with a book and soak in the knowledge.
The delicacy with which her arms fold out and in, curl upward, and brush across her forehead seem to delight her.
The book is the network, the network is knowledge, and soon you'll be able to curl up in bed with all of it.
The book is the network, the network is knowledge, and someday soon you'll be able to curl up in bed with all of it.
If you'll notice, my ears are detached from my face and they kind of curl on the end.
Mama's face was flushed, and her hair escaped its bun to curl in damp tendrils as she dished up the breakfast plates.
However, there were also sites where the majority of slabs were curled down or even alternating in the direction of curl.
The lip curl is a threat display, the bile an attempt to purge a toxin.
Others, emaciated or showing oozing lesions, curl up on the soiled floor of the latrines.

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