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Example sentences for curiously

Curiously, it was also one of the busiest months of the semester.
Yet, curiously and disgustingly fashionable in some circles.
My camera shutter made more noise than these two giants and they curiously looked up.
Curiously, however, nearly two-thirds think their family finances will worsen or stay about the same next year.
Curiously, light scattered in the sky is also somewhat polarized.
Curiously, the tip of the tail is missing altogether.
Curiously, neglect is seen only with damage to the right brain.
The result is a curiously powerful daily jolt of reminiscence.
Most curiously, puzzles are treated both as rewards and obstacles.
The result is something curiously different from regular searching.
They didn't recognize the handwriting and they curiously opened it.
Curiously, there was recently a study that found that gut microbes positively contribute to resistance to the flu.
Curiously, there's a visual phenomenon that's almost the converse of filling in.
Curiously enough, the word was almost invariably used in the singular.
Yet the feeling is curiously mingled with twinges of anxiety.
Physiologists, groups of whom curiously follow free divers, cautioned them against going deeper.
But apparently, the lure of profit can make people curiously creative.
From his portrait, he had a high forehead and a curiously dashing little mustache.
In this anti-self, the virtues and the vices of the original are curiously distorted and reversed.
Curiously, humans have found a use for the ant refuse.
Today his is once again a household name-and yet as an artistic personality he remains curiously elusive.
Curiously, many entrepreneurial leaders actually lose their nerve as they become successful.
Curiously, there's quite a price jump between pre-configured models and build-to-order models.
Curiously, he cites the past half-century of tangled agricultural- subsidy policies as a model for a future industrial policy.
But, curiously, those who do marry now stay together for longer.
The sixth suite curiously calls for an instrument with five strings, whereas the cello has only four.
That's because companies top up these reserves at a curiously regular rate.
Curiously, rather than using the law to defend their patents, big firms often settle out of court.
Instead, some curiously antiseptic dialogue defines two understandable but not especially appealing people.
Curiously, where his first performance had been steely and bright, the repeat had a softer edge and a warmer tone.
He also seems to think, curiously enough, that he himself is not a mythological writer.
The display produced a curiously pensive mood among us.
Curiously, the rippling hairdo introduces an almost lyrical note.
Curiously, the process whereby the calcium is carried in the milk is not well understood.

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