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Whether for career development or their own edification, the culinarily curious can gorge on all kinds of food knowledge online.
Childhood homes of the famous draw curious tourists.
Today, there are several hotels that provide accommodations to curious travelers.
Slip out the back door, and a few curious chickens will take time out from bug patrol to welcome you to the nursery proper.
The degree of sterility does not strictly follow systematic affinity, but is governed by several curious and complex laws.
His reflections are sometimes prefaced by curious confidences and self-revelations which give them the air of a diary.
These are curious shows, full of characters and groups.
It is curious to recall some of the mental habits of those departed days.
When old age actually came, something curious happened.
They'll draw curious, often appalled stares from strangers and mockery from your family.
The totally alien flavor of the tomato sauce and beans was more curious than comforting.
In case you're curious, there are some downsides, too.
For those of us who understand the rigors of the academic life, the survival of this myth is curious.
But the temperature variations over that decade are curious.
As it turned out, light and electron microscopy revealed a curious difference.
Our best conception of the cosmos is that of a curious monkey playing with a piece of broken mirror.
But researchers have found a curious exception to that rule.
New research suggests that this is exactly what may be behind two rather curious conditions.
When making small talk with locals, he peppers the conversation with curious details.
And the curious result was that those who hadn't watched the comedy video made significantly more mistakes than those who had.
But since that time she'd begun to notice at twilight a curious glistening to the air.
People began, in a curious way, to locate themselves in relation to various aspects of the balloon.
He is also a bit boring, and boring in proportion to his curious lack of ego.
Groups of the curious wandered among the tents, taking photographs.
Some of my recently acquired habits strike me as curious.
In the fourteenth century, a time of xenophobia, they were interested and curious.
Never expecting to stay, they looked on the habits of their neighbours with the interest of ever-curious strangers.
True, too, their curious grunts allowed them to collaborate in surprisingly sophisticated ways.
Flexible small firms are proving adept at using seismic and other data to test curious hydrocarbon deposits all over the place.
In this, it illustrates a curious aspect of the science of climate change.
The long curious extravagant evolution of feathers.
We offer many windows on the world to help you guide your curious preschooler toward safe and fun exploration of the world.
Tell the other student volunteers to be animals who are curious about the light.
It's one of many so-called micro-nations-curious places where, if they actually exist, the chief export seems to be hyperbole.
One whale seemed especially curious about humans, coming right up to the boat and rolling over onto its back.
For females, however, promiscuity looks to be a curious choice.
Every day they become more curious of their enraptured audience, us.
The who are curious to see the show might want to brew some coffee.
Curious, he picked it up and immediately realized it was a copper ingot.
But that's the end of a story with a curious beginning.
The freezer case was full of curious meats: a snowy hunk of a fin whale's throat, a slab of musk ox.
She's smart, amazingly curious and absolutely fearless.
Linear time disappears in favor of a poetic meditation upon the object, and within it, a curious juxtaposition of imagery.
The result is a curious series of portraits-the only surviving of the empress.
Stepping inside, a curious tourist found a studio overflowing with pots.
In a curious predator-prey role reversal, the pronghorn antelope pursued a coyote across a knoll.
The pair that visit the feeder not only enjoy the food but also seem expressively curious about the humans watching them.
Curious tales are told of his omnipresence, his omniscience.
The curious have joined the faithful, and the crowd has doubled.
So working through the seasonal produce without simply making the same thing over and over again is one way to stay curious.
First, he gave a terrific caucus-night speech that served to introduce him to a curious national public as a serious contender.
But the curious property of triangular crystals is that they are stable against this kind of change.
The observations are curious, consistent, and abundant.
At the same time, the exercise gives a curious insight into the potential for time travel.
The curious thing is that this acceleration is not uniform in all directions.
The cloned animals exhibit the full spectrum of behavioral traits, from curious and inquisitive to timid and shy.
There is a curious difference that comes up with social networks, when compared with global communications networks.
People are curious about you, you are curious about them.
The curious thing about this process is that its security is unproven.
One of the more curious debates in science focuses on the laws of physics and why they seem fine-tuned for life.
What's curious about these events is that they seem to occur with alarming regularity.
What's curious about this new thinking is that none of the mechanisms it relies on are new ideas.
Yet there is a curious twist here in the sheer breadth and audacity of the effort.
His words inspired millions of people to look up, to be curious, to wonder.
Point any telescope to the star next to the moon and rings won't be the only curious thing you'll notice.
Of course, this sort of thing is depicted in scifi movies a lot, and people are curious about it.
Then again, if you get curious enough to try multiple tests, you might have the opposite problem.
Also, in case you are curious, more educated people tend to be less terrified of nuclear power too.
Curious visitors can even test a few myths for themselves.
One of the panda's curious adaptations is its remarkably inefficient diet.
The curious construction meant that the craft required much larger timbers for strength.
What's curious about his paintings, however, is that some yellows have faded while others have not.
But the story is, altogether, full of curious resonances and prophecies.
When they do, they behave in ways that strike me as curious.
In a curious way, he seems to have grown up with my generation.
The historical landscape is undergoing a curious change.
Redi had become curious about where the maggots that consume corpses come from.
Children were a bit less inhibited, and plainly curious about us.
Who knows, by then he may even merit his own question, an eventuality worthy of his curious character.
We are curious as to when this alighting took place.
The curious thing about that is in some ways they're direct opposites.
He was always bookish, precocious, and curious about what made people tick.
But in a curious way the disasters only make the evening more memorable.
At this peremptory summons, everyone races back into the living room, where a curious tableau awaits.
The spots aim to encourage parents to read to their children to help inspire them to become curious readers.
To get inside, the curious must bang their fists and shout their intentions.
People are as curious about what other people are reading as they are about what the next table over is eating at a restaurant.

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