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Among their shared characteristics are the desire to excel and an inherent curiosity about geography and the world around them.
Kids of all ages can experience scientific phenomena through these curiosity-inspiring, hands-on exhibits.
The space is designed to inspire, engage, and pique curiosity and encourage visitors to express their own creativity.
The natives brought her several seedless oranges, which were a curiosity to her.
Cravings and curiosity, rather than price tags, often guide what lands in my grocery cart.
Ma's technical brilliance and his insatiable curiosity about the entire range of musical experience quickly paid off.
Curiosity is a special bread that everyone should eat.
How sad to read that your palette has not kept pace with your curiosity.
Some readers missed part of the point, to inspire dialogue and curiosity.
His endless curiosity and zest for life inspire us all.
The statement reflects a lack of curiosity that ran throughout society at that time, from the basest peasant to the highest noble.
There are myriad reasons for the breakdown, all of which might spark curiosity and intellectual energy.
They ask good questions about lectures, showing attentiveness and curiosity.
But she also asked me, out of curiosity, what it was about traveling that engaged me so deeply.
Whatever tool professors can find to conjure that-curiosity and a sense of amazing possibilities-is what they should use, he says.
But what really amazes me is the stunning lack of curiosity many academics display about the work of their colleagues.
Many colleagues are watching such experiments with a mix of curiosity and disbelief to see how the professors land.
Sure, there is a fine line here between collegiality and insincerity, intellectual curiosity and intrusiveness.
For kids, backpacking is a chance to explore the outdoors, satisfy their natural curiosity and get some exercise and fresh air.
But with dozens of hydroelectric dams in the way, the fish has gone from being a food staple to a curiosity.
There's a lot curiosity about the happy couple's engagement.
Plenty of spots within an hour or so of the city limits beckon those with a bit of extra time and curiosity.
Intrigue connotes a curiosity over a player about which there is still more mystery than available data.
The town's buildings garner historical interest and idle curiosity.
Babbling, foolish vanity, and vain curiosity have the same parentage.
The purpose of such an anthology must always be to arouse an interest rather than to satisfy a curiosity.
But there are no means of satisfying this curiosity except by conjecture.
Yet these uneasy pleasures and fine pains are for curiosity and not for life.
For everything that had happened he had a gentle but persistent curiosity.
Their simple disputations possess the charm of freshness and curiosity.
At times an almost overwhelming curiosity had taken hold of him.
But the movie is worth watching, if only as a curiosity.
The pupil has some curiosity and he wants to know what grownups know.
And then there were still others for whom interspecies transfusion was not a mere scientific curiosity.
Its development revolutionised both science and technology, and was indeed a product of pure curiosity.
Such startling results should trigger curiosity, you might think.
The art form requires effort and intellectual curiosity.
In other parts of the world they have a curiosity value only.
Mankind's great explorations have all been driven by a quest for money and power, not science and curiosity.
The condors proved to have great curiosity, but no caution at all.
He retained a childlike curiosity in pulling things apart to see how they worked.
To succeed, you must override both a normal impulse to attend to new information and curiosity about something forbidden.
As you read, have students list additional examples or questions they think of on the same piece of paper as their curiosity quiz.
Tragically the novelty of the sight apparently stoked the curiosity of the people who ran out onto the exposed seafloor.
The chimps went about their business, showing no excited curiosity or reciprocal fascination.
But what was initially a bit of a scientific curiosity soon became a potential catastrophe.
Speculating on the colors of alien plants and how the plants might behave isn't simply about satisfying curiosity.
Families had money for travel and a curiosity about the world.
At the sanctuary the apes are provided with a variety of activities to stimulate their intellect and curiosity.
His curiosity gets him into all kinds of trouble, and his sweet tooth puts his life in danger more than once.
His work is driven by an innate sense of wonder and curiosity about the world and its people.
Optical interferometry has already become more than a technical curiosity.
When asked to explain her behavior, she said that she was overwhelmed with curiosity.
What you want to achieve is curiosity and courage to try and this is much harder to achieve because it needs the right balance.
The exceptions are those who have curiosity and want answers to unanswered questions.
The latter is a historical curiosity based on principles of boat design centuries-old, many of which have been forgotten.
However, it is also possible that outsiders simply evoke more curiosity.
It is the process that is not inherent to children, not curiosity.
Your thinking is generally good for science and your bent is curiosity.
Scientists keep at it until the burning curiosity is satisfied.
The effort is not motivated merely by historical curiosity.
And deservedly so: he embodied the perfect balance between aesthetics, curiosity, and pragmatism.
It seems to me temptation is fostered either by curiosity or an emotional need.
Strikingly, the argument needs to always be made for funding for curiosity driven science.
Some of that curiosity was due to the press the stroller has received due to its high price tag.
For seven decades, they were a curiosity, a relic of a lighter-than-air future that never quite came true.
While our understanding of these celestial phenomena has grown, the author rediscovers the scientific curiosity they engender.
Such a substance would be a bizarre chemical curiosity.
The experience was rugged, and sometimes exhausting, but it satisfied his soul and his scientific curiosity.
Ideas merged with invention, curiosity with knowledge.
Curiosity more over peer pressure is the cause of first time drug use.
For another musician, this insular quality might represent a lack of curiosity and range.
Such a portentous and mysterious monster roused all my curiosity.
They could have this kind of patience and curiosity because of what seemed available to them.
Their behavior stymies interpretation, and even curiosity.
We get the sense of an indiscriminate intellectual curiosity that can't be contained by the routines of the workday.
There are looks of self-consciousness, of curiosity, of giddiness.
Not having the use of a cell phone piqued my curiosity regarding how schoolchildren communicated all those years ago.
Out of this conflict grew the astonishing range of his curiosity, of his interests, and above all of his obsessed book collecting.
Their comings and goings aroused mild curiosity but little enthusiasm.
No doubt some part of the general rise of interest in fascism can be set down as a product of curiosity.
What saves him from self-absorption, aside from a natural curiosity, is a genuine lack of interest in personal reflection.
That's what makes your comedic version such a curiosity.
With her wide smile and natural curiosity, she would be a perfect hostess for her father.
Curiosity becomes yearning, and yearning becomes obsession.
Romantic fantasy isn't the only driver of curiosity-our inner snob is always clicking away, doing little status checks.
The family won a lawsuit alleging infringement of privacy, but popular curiosity could not be suppressed.
He insisted that his motive, first and foremost, was a natural human curiosity to verify his parentage.
But all he manages to attract is the curiosity of the local police.
At best their movie was a curiosity, a freakish piece of juvenilia, and they were glad to be finished with it.
Far more than a biological curiosity, suspended animation has the makings of a powerful medical tool.
He trained to be a physician, but his curiosity led him into a job doing basic research.
We simply know that it will, and that the images it takes will set the curiosity and minds of people afire.
Thats one way the spark of curiosity and wonder about the universe is ignited in the minds of the next generation of scientists.
One day, out of sheer curiosity, he inserted a small microphone into a fire ant mound and listened.
In this respect, there's less creativity and curiosity provoked in teaching math and science today.
Curiosity began to grow over what might appear next.
At first they regarded the jukebox with curiosity.
Curiosity can make a listener tune in to a radio station.
Someone who has an interest and curiosity about the world.
It's simply a serious, almost childlike curiosity and interest in the human condition--and in everything.

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