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It would have a tough time enforcing a curfew or monitoring who was coming and going from particular residences.
Put the army on the streets if necessary and impose a curfew.
People were to observe a mandatory curfew and travel restrictions.
The authorities responded with a two-day, shoot-on-sight curfew.
The government imposed a curfew in much of the country.
Tens of thousands defied government curfew zones, resulting in the deaths of several protesters.
Patterson, the prime minister, responded by calling out the army and imposing a curfew.
Those words, a curfew and a lot of soldiers on patrol have kept the streets calm.
But the protesters have ignored both military law and a night curfew.
Few risk going out much after dark, even though the curfew begins only at midnight.
She told him that she was going to be expelled because of a curfew violation.
It was pitch-dark in the blackout, and almost time for curfew.
There's this blackout, this curfew at ten o'clock at night.
Violating curfew, he later attempts to sneak back to his unit and is shot dead by friendly fire.
Elsewhere one sees strife due to lost wages, and the inconvenience of an eight o'clock curfew.
Others have been shot at when it looked as if they might be about to break the curfew.
The country's interim government ordered a curfew but lacked the manpower to impose it.
They were also banned from owning radios, and were subject to a curfew.
The streets of this small coastal capital bustled today in the heat of the pre-monsoon sun, after a curfew was lifted.
Curfew ordinances also are being used to thwart gang activity.
The curfew ordinance provides an officer with reasonable suspicion to approach gangs to determine if any of them are juveniles.

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