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Try the curd cheese soufflé on rose petals and medlar fruit.
The specialty here is fresh soybean curd, made daily at the restaurant.
When supplies ran out, some consumers turned to soy sauce and fermented bean curd, because of their saltiness.
Details can be found at the milk marketing board's curd site.
Lunch and dinner specials such as steamed bean curd with shrimp and chicken are accompanied with soup and rice.
For dessert, the selection includes the apple cream cheese tart, the cranberry curd tart and the coconut custard pie.
For entrees the restaurant serves teriyaki, available with your choice of meat, bean curd or vegetables.
Vegetarian items such as broccoli with garlic sauce, bean curd and garlic string beans are also available.
Berry jam and lemon curd fill this easy butter cake.
But wait, here's what will really put curd on your cheese.
Transfer lemon curd to a plastic bag, pressing out excess air.
It was a recipe for a lemon cake with a lemon curd frosting-homemade lemon curd folded into whipped cream.

Famous quotes containing the word curd

Firm-style bean curd insoles cushion feet, absorb perspiration and provide more protein than meat or fish i... more
Let Sporus tremble—'What? That thing of silk, Sporus, that mere white curd of ass's milk? Satire or sense... more
And now the sparrows warring in the eaves, The curd-pale moon, the white stars in the sky, And the loud cha... more
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