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Curbing that will require a whole different level of effort.
Nana responded that free speech was free speech and she had no intention of curbing it.
Curbing methane and soot may be a fast, if incomplete, way to slow global warming.
Fortunately, there's an alternative-curbing the other greenhouse gases.
Curbing the intake of carbs seems more important to me than that of fats.
Curbing the demand for illegal drugs must be the central goal to fighting the drug war.
Curbing high gas prices with recurrent economic slumps is probably not the smartest of remedies.
The only way to fight acid rain is by curbing the release of the pollutants that cause it.
There it spends the night in caves and enters torpor, curbing its metabolic rate enough to avoid starving before dawn.
The cost of curbing greenhouse gases emissions is tiny compared to the economic catastrophe of inaction, some experts argue.
Defenders of the chaebol say that the crisis spurred reforms, curbing the tendency of the chaebol to overborrow and overexpand.
Science continues to support the case for curbing greenhouse-gas emissions so as to minimise the risks of catastrophe.
Tighter monetary policy aimed at curbing inflation then further choked domestic demand.
The line between curbing atrocities and an air war for regime change blurred-though a land operation is ruled out, for the moment.
Early this year, to control demand, it began curbing grain exports through quotas and taxes.
Foremost among these was curbing corruption within the government.
One is that bigger deficits push up interest rates, crowding out private investment and curbing growth.
Yet curbing the trade of in-game items is defensible, since game economies are run to maximise fun, not efficiency.
As well as curbing exports, this could also lift imports if some car models are only made abroad.
Abroad, meanwhile, outflows of gold had their customary effect of reducing the money supply and curbing demand.
Earlier this year it tried to halt the appreciation of the peso because of concerns this was curbing exports.
If he has his country's interests at heart, he will respond to rising discontent by opening up the economy and curbing corruption.
Curbing such excesses may stem the development of resistance.
Bush revises strategy on curbing greenhouse gases.
We could do more for public health if the government spent a fraction of what it spends curbing smoking on promoting dancing.
One key strategy for curbing the size of deficits is actually forming a tangible plan to fix the problem.
The fats in nuts are mostly monounsaturated, the kind now in favor for their cholesterol-curbing properties.
If you're thinking about curbing spending, don't judge outlays by which box is biggest today.
He is the top federal official charged with curbing discrimination in the private sector.
People don't stop having desires for other people, and curbing them is not always automatically the right move.
Curbing a plant's reproductive power proved to be a far more complicated prospect than other genetic modifications.
Curbing development in cities and suburbs will make developers unhappy.
In fact, many approaches to curbing emissions offer attractive collateral benefits.
In conclusion, it should be emphasized that curbing speculation in oil futures would be at best a temporary remedy.
He suggests curbing emotional eating, surrounding yourself with a supportive circle of friends and family, and exercising.
The boardwalk will be constructed of steel framing and posts and composite wood decking, curbing and guardrails.
Granite slope curbing shall be the material in place along existing roadways withing the project limits.
One sign mounted parallel to the line of curbing or pavement edge at end of painted area.
Curved curbing and round domes are still cut by hand.
Curbing is common at many facilities in small areas where handling and transferring liquid materials occur.
He ran the curbing machine and also finished the formed curbing.
Curbing and drain piping design will allow a full tank capacity spill without overflowing the curbing.

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