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Another means to curb them is to balance them by others as proud as they.
V ideo teleconferencing is often touted for its potential to promote better communications and curb expensive travel.
The potential of plug-in hybrids and electric vehicles to curb petroleum use has grabbed a lot of attention lately.
The scanner also detects elevation-the walker will stop at a step or curb.
However, drugs designed to curb stroke damage by blocking glutamate's effects have shown disappointing results in clinical trials.
Many governments have tried to curb emissions by cleaning up industry smokestacks and promoting alternative fuel sources.
But as efforts to curb them fail, the gulls get ever more aggressive.
Such seaweed could be helping to curb coral growth on reefs worldwide, the study authors say.
Scientists have been racing to find a way to curb the disease before it takes an even heavier toll.
At the same time, malaria researchers are pursuing a long-sought, elusive goal: a vaccine that would curb the disease for good.
The name harkens back to days of segregation, when whites shopped inside and blacks bought from stalls on the curb.
Kudos to you for kicking the chemicals to the curb and opting for clean, organic solutions to clean your house.
The staff hopes to curb the illegal killing of the pachyderms for their tusks.
Discontinuing or reducing the dose of the drug appears to curb the compulsions.
If the region is to have any future at all, water users must find a way to curb the pumping.
He says that if steps are not taken to curb the pollution, the lakes will literally shrivel up and disappear.
Place your bins in the designated area, usually on the curb outside your house, on the day of your scheduled recycling pickup.
They're now in a better position to make decisions that will curb their energy use and combat global warming.
Excited or nervous, his eyes widen and he curses more, a habit he's trying to curb.
He did not specify any concrete proposals put forward at the meeting to curb bribery.
The best way to curb moonlighting is to recognize the value in the faculty that you have, and compensate them appropriately.
How the bears could be helped without taking measures to curb global warming was a conundrum left for another day.
Moments later he burst into tears and collapsed to the curb as if sucker-punched.
Once outside, the cons are kicked to the curb with no money and no prospects.
The world's only binding agreement to curb emissions has been a colossal failure.
Hardest of all will be finding the political will to curb profligacy.
The only sound reason for acting to curb global warming is to curb global warming.
Meanwhile tax increases, almost certainly beyond anything indicated in the election campaign, will also curb demand.
More important, by raising import prices it could help to curb deflation and so push down real interest rates.
In the name of humanity please help us expose and curb the horror.
The bike, a navy-blue model, was parked by the curb.
Gambling regulations are crafted to curb adverse social consequences.
He took her down and watched her go out into the dark and take her dogs to the curb.
Artificial sweeteners are booth a symptom of this craving and an attempt to curb it.
Got squeezed and swept off the curb and almost went down.
Similarly, actors need firm-handed directors to curb their excesses and to divert any tendency toward cuteness.
There was no sign of anything worth calling a plan to curb borrowing faster than in the budget.
Tossing it out to the curb would be irresponsible as there are a number of dangerous products tucked away inside.
Our failure to curb such mayhem must be blamed on tolerance, not ignorance.
Too much retention will curb lending, but too little may result in more bad loans.
The cars will shoot down and across the street, curb to curb.
Raising the social stigma against smoking helped to curb the practice, as did higher taxes on cigarettes.
The big story is not the push to modernize but the struggle to civilize, to curb the bestial side of human nature.
Thus, he is reluctantly taken to the curb to wait for the school bus, but once there he enjoys socializing with his peers.
Cities could do away with parking meters and simply track how long cars sat at a curb.
Parked nose to the curb, three will fit in a single space.
To keep curb weight and prices low, it'll be built with a polymer exterior.
And with science driving both our economies and our efforts to improve health and curb nasty diseases, that concerns everyone.
More commuters crowd the curb, peering up the street.
How to best curb greenhouse gas emissions is a hotly debated topic.
Now scientists have developed a technique based on holograms that they say will help curb digital fraud.
What do you think they will do to curb the inappropriate use of thousands of tons of antibiotic sales.
Early intervention may help curb some of the more severe symptoms of autism.
Curb ramps are critical to providing access between the sidewalk and the street for people who use wheelchairs.
Compost fiber sock used as a curb and gutter inlet protection.

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