cupped in a sentence

Example sentences for cupped

From twin tanks filled by servants, a steady flow of water was cupped and spilled by a series of buckets mounted on a wheel.
One of the squirrels on my garden did good enough acrobatics to get to the feeder suction-cupped on the window.
They brought their cupped hands to their mouths and blew loon calls back and forth.
The center of emerged leaves is cupped or depressed.
The water sprays out of the nozzle in a jet, striking the double-cupped buckets attached to the wheel.
They can also use special weld pins with integral-cupped head washers.
Look closely, high up on the drooping branches, for a nest that is deeply cupped and sewn together with spider webs.
Leaves are flat to cupped, with a cleft base and often overlapping edges.
Cupped, cupping-A board or plank whose edges are higher or lower than the center.

Famous quotes containing the word cupped

The rangey bough anticipated fruit With snowballs cupped in every opening bud. The road alone maintained it... more
Because of neglect, Son, though well-forged in affectionate bonds, Love in time will trickle away like water through more
Of what is real I say, Is it the old, the roseate parent or The bride come jingling, kissed and cupped, or ... more
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