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Example sentences for cupola

Here you'll come face-to-face with original stonework from the roof, including the bulky lantern cupola.
The room has a cupola and a window seat overlooking the grounds.
In the center of the hall ceiling is one of the house's main features: an impressive cupola with windows.
The cupola of the church is adorned with majolica tiles.
The mosaics in the cupola literally glitter with stars.
The latter left the room and mounted the stairs to the cupola on the roof of the white court house.
Far overhead, at the building's apex, a cupola acts as a vent.
Rafters radiate from the cupola to support the round roof.
The final effect was stately: a white building with a blue and white cupola topped by a weather vane.
Now and again a whimsically painted steeple breaks the horizon, its gilded cupola glittering in the bright spring sun.
The fifth-floor cupola provided a lookout spot for a doctor who owned the house.
The main architectural feature in the town is the cathedral, which has a gilded cupola that reflects the sun and sea.
Often there are cupola-topped buildings and monuments.
The white octagonal cupola was moved off of the original courthouse and placed atop the central section.
The cupola is the only furnace type that uses coke as a fuel.
Its cupola is made of pressed metal designed to match the stonework of the building.
The building is topped by a round cupola with clock and chimes.
The slate roofing and copper cladding of the tower and cupola shall be retained to the fullest extend possible.
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