cupcake in a sentence

Example sentences for cupcake

Or else someone needs to explain this fact to the cupcake-stealing bandits.
The good old days of funding school trips with cupcake revenues have apparently come to an end.
The fig and almond cake and cupcake recipe also calls for a fig jam.
It's why the cupcake shop gets a sudden rush of orders or the client of the celebrity stylist turns up two hours late.
It was almost as if you'd given a prisoner in a locked cell a cupcake and then found he'd suddenly acquired a bazooka.
Let's say you want a big cupcake, with lots of icing, so you go buy one and eat it.
It takes grit to transform oneself from a hairy, alcoholic, cupcake-pajama-wearing hermit into eco-Barbie.
The events will conclude with a parade and cupcake ceremony celebrating all of our animal friends.
Try a cupcake with cream cheese filling or frosting.
We have also set up a new system for volunteers to sign up for cupcake donations or as party attendees.
But not a cupcake with yellow cake on the bottom, or chocolate.
Frozen yogurt shops are the partners in crime of cupcake shops.
We've eaten our way through the cupcake craze and the doughnut craze.
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