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Example sentences for cunningly

Maybe that is what keeps your bosses working more and more cunningly.
Cunningly designed sliding tracks keep the support pressure constant, no matter how the chair moves.
The temptation when reviewing his works, of course, is to imitate him cunningly.
Flashily theatrical, yet cunningly thought out and wrought, his wildly varied works make a knockout display.
As he became sicker and sicker, he hid the severity of his problem more cunningly from everyone but his family and close friends.
Besides, its contours are so cunningly contrived that there's no telling where nature ends and art begins.
The apple was so cunningly made that only the red cheek was poisoned.
Cunningly placed lights raise the whole elaborate show to the highest point of brilliance.
The film is an utter delight, a tidal surge of joyful nostalgia cunningly repackaged and updated.
Well, my end-year piece cunningly avoided any numerical predictions, a luxury denied the investment bank strategists.
The question would be relatively easy to answer were this a cunningly concealed crime or one perpetrated on the powerless.
O'Faolain even cunningly builds in warnings to herself, and to the reader.

Famous quotes containing the word cunningly

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