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Between the two lies an abyss separating two cultures, two habits of mind, two diverging tongues.
In many places an irreversible mixing of cultures has already taken place.
For these cultures to meet in the middle will take time and the acceptance by both sides of new approaches.
Cultures are influenced by the sort of people a company recruits.
Those cultures are irreducible to the regulatory environment or to economic behaviour.
The scientists think that the core moves of an attractive dance may be universal, but that many cultures will have variations.
Dating sites have also adapted successfully to different cultures.
When the two were grown in cultures containing doxycycline the resistant strain, as expected, did better.
It did so by acting as a mind-reader that translated thoughts between different races and cultures.
It is collecting stories and other verbal material specific to the cultures of the participants.
But there will also be problems, beginning with the two firms' cultures.
But different countries have different reporting cultures.
Beyond such differences in legal cultures, one fact is inescapable.
Where people are more xenophobic and cultures more differentiated from one another, wars are more likely.
We discovered a world of mountains and deserts, mysterious cultures, and stark moral choices.
To historians, silk artifacts reflect the trade and social customs of past cultures.
Students will examine their own modern culture and compare it to other cultures around the world.
Once thundering trains bridged all the world's continents, helping to settle new lands and unite distant cultures.
In different cultures wealth can be defined by things other than money.
Recording broke down barriers between cultures, but it also placed more archaic musical forms in danger of extinction.
Since then the list of cultures whose demise has been linked to climate change has continued to grow.
These kinds of gestures are unlikely to be welcomed in cultures built around engineering efficiencies.
Critics have argued that the practice denies children the chance to grow up in their own cultures.
It's a really great book that talks about an individuals struggle between two different cultures.
When thinking of vacation ideas, exotic cultures and locations are a big draw for vacationers.
Cruising around the world is an escape from reality that allows you to go new places and explore new cultures on shore leaves.
Nothing brings to mind more images of exotic animals, wild scenery, ancient cultures and safari.
Many of these travelers opt for a cruise, where they may experience a taste of many countries and cultures on one trip.
Volunteering abroad is a mind-opening experience that exposes one to other cultures, languages and ways of life.
Repressive political cultures and other factors make martyrdom central to the movements there, but they might not be so unique.
First, individuals and cultures have always made countless decisions about what things are food and what are not.
Foreign language skills or experience with foreign cultures is a plus.
With global influence and the merging of different cultures, consumers are open to new flavor combinations.
Using mice as test subjects, researchers found that nicotine had the potential to rescue dopamine neurons in cultures.
The two distinct cultures failed to find common ground.
Yes, individual cultures do vary in absolute terms, but the diffusion of responsibility is always there.
They forget that all political systems take their attributes from the cultures to which they are applied.
Different cultures have different ideas about what is the proper balance between work and life.
As each car rolled in at the end of a circuit, a small clash of cultures could be observed.
The singer's new television show is supposed to explore standards of beauty in cultures across the world.
And they're both commonly cited for their influence on other cultures.
For her, the answer has always been a clash of cultures.
Unfortunately, rural areas do have different cultures, and different pressures about group conformity.
Soldiers camp out to enroll, but military and academic cultures don't always mesh.
Examining diseases, politics, cultures and other unintended consequences.
In the house of the human mind, there are many mansions, many cultures.
Twitter reveals daily emotional rhythms are consistent across cultures.
From earrings and necklaces to lipstick and tattoos, humans across cultures decorate themselves.
In many cultures today, dogs are not seen as friends but as vermin.
The etiology of disparate mens and womens cultures may be genetic but culture per se is learned behavior.
All have different cultures and there for different biases.
Across cultures, righties outnumber lefties nine to one.
The decimation of native peoples and the diminishing of local cultures were palpable on all three trips.
Our cultural taste keeps us from enjoying foods that are widely accepted in many other cultures.
US citizens nor anyone else are on this planet to be the targets of disfunctional and violent cultures.
These are both acts of remembering, which are echoed in the rites and rituals of cultures around the world.
However, the letter does not specify if scientists will be allowed to maintain cell cultures.
Minds and cultures and economies move with scientific breakthroughs.
Centralization in some respects does not deny decentralization, and the preservation of local cultures, in others.
He also wants to learn how motivation varies across cultures.
With the immediate diagnosis of the culprit germs, doctors won't have to wait for the results of laboratory cultures.
In cell cultures, you have to have some idea what kind of response you're looking for.
The inevitable clashes with existing corporate cultures, metrics, and motivations must be managed.
We will be able to experience the world cultures in lifesized reality.
Indigenous innovation cultures are always different from global innovation cultures in ways both subtle and profound.
Jealousies across cultures can also undermine teamwork.
First of all, the viruses can be grown in animals, so you don't need a bunch of high tech cell cultures.
His focus was the golden age of the horse, which spanned many centuries and even more cultures.
They glued together a bunch of countries and cultures that didn't really belong together in the same currency.
Many historical cultures, for example, attempted to read the future by a related method called scapulimancy.
It's unclear how universal the study's results are, as the researchers only looked at two cultures.
Before then, humans were scattered nomads, too unstable to develop cities and cultures.
And even among cultures that bury their dead, the sense of a grave as hallowed ground is not necessarily shared.
He also knew that babies sleep with their parents in the vast majority of human cultures.
Some cultures endow it with a mystical significance.
Groups of people from all over the globe and all sorts of cultures show these biases.
They're using these cultures to develop better ways to test how a drug is metabolized.
Foods containing microbial cultures, including yogurt, bear probiotic labels claiming they build immunity and improve digestion.
Different cultures around the world have starkly contrasting diets and their gut bacteria are different too.
It is not the first technology to disappear with the disappearance of cultures.
In almost all cultures it also establishes a division between contrasting economic and social roles.
The link between bodily cleanliness and moral purity is evident throughout the world's cultures.
Antiquities are ancient artifacts of times and cultures long preceding the history of the modern nation-state.
Multiculturalism is said to promote equal treatment for all cultures.
Beleaguered health officials have no time, money, or will to devise programs that might better suit their cultures.
To me it seems to be almost as absurd as its corollary, that concepts of beauty remain broadly constant across cultures.
Cultures spread by horizontal transfer of ideas more than by genetic inheritance.
Even cultures that are more accessible and seemingly well known are not necessarily transparent.
And varieties of secular fascism can occur in all cultures.
She enjoys the fact that her tattoos have helped create connections with strangers, of different generations and cultures.
Here are the local companies that workers credited with having dynamic, supportive and inclusive cultures.
Body decoration varies across cultures and across socioeconomic strata.
The soldiers are not only highly trained for combat but are also well-versed in the local languages and cultures.
Caught between cultures, the children of immigrants often face stark choices between traditional and modern values.
It has long been taboo in military cultures for soldiers to complain about the invisible wounds of war.
He noticed that a fungus was inhibiting growth in his bacterial cultures.
All cultures identify with children in a similar way, so he has this bizarre global outreach.

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