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To say she experiences culture shock is an understatement.
Their wealth presents a culture shock to the citizenry.
Yet today, looking back at the lively pages of the first issues can trigger considerable culture shock.
As of right now though, that would be too much of a culture shock.
Human culture is in fact distinctive enough for people to experience culture shock when they are immersed in a new environment.
True to its name, the outfitter offers trips that are heavier on culture shock than coddling.
It is possible that my culture shock, which some may have read as elitism, was evident.
Graduate students often experience varying degrees of culture shock in their first year as a full-time faculty member.
The film is best when it captures the sense of culture shock that all freshmen undergo.
Many of those who return undergo a kind of culture shock after spending so many years in a more developed country.
Such destinations help your children unwind from the occasional difficulties of culture shock and prolonged travel.
His challenges-to survive culture shock and resuscitate a comatose team-were equally imposing.
Now he'll have a chance to show how well he handles culture shock.
And it's pretty normal that one feels culture shock when he or she move to another place.
Culture shock due to contact with unfamiliar cultures.

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