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Cultural, educational and romantic adventure entices.
In those instances, even progressive national legislation takes a backseat to cultural tradition.
They measure migration not trade, because the data are better and cultural factors matter more.
Have students write descriptions of their own cultural customs in the relevant rows of the right-hand column.
She discusses how coloration in skeletal remains can reveal a bit about the cultural observances of the individual.
Secondary definitions relate to the spread of cultural ideas or the process by which a new idea becomes accepted.
All share similar cultural requirements, but cauliflower is more difficult to grow.
She put together a database of ethnographic and cultural details for field commanders.
Peregrine suggests, is that cultural anthropologists seem less interested in that kind of holistic interaction.
File-sharing rates vary hugely from country to country-with consequences for local media industries and global cultural trade.
Different communities have different cultural make-ups.
The key indicator of this decline in cultural diversity is language loss.
Same cultural requirements as rhododendron and azalea.
Understandably, students of human culture pay more attention to cultural differences than to similarities.
But there is good reason to think that the fight put up by biotech bosses also has a powerful cultural dimension, too.
If you think eating insects is gross, you may be in the cultural minority.
Regardless of one's cultural background, however, humor generally serves to bring groups together.
You'll also learn about local cultural cafes, find out how to buy vintage, and get some great recipes for party appetizers.
The number of cultural traits in each colony is linked to the number of females.
And it is the rare observatory that becomes a cultural icon.
It was an act of cultural desecration that shocked the world.
Make sure they grow shorter than the anchor plant, share its cultural requirements, and harmonize with its colors and textures.
Not to mention people seeking concert and movie tickets for campus cultural events, prairie lovers and physics groupies.
Plenty of scientific work has gone into testing the universality of certain gestures across human cultural groups.
In a sense, his teams were cultural pioneers modeling a more flexible, startup style of software development.
That's where virtual cultural trainers often come in handy.
The clever reel is a wonderful example of wondering where to draw the line on these types of cultural developments.
Makes for flawed statistics, and cultural misunderstandings, and it's never safe to make cultural generalizations.
Advertising muscle and consumer demand should not triumph over good taste and cultural sophistication.
The practices of mapping have again become a key cultural moment.
Several cultural methods can reduce pests in your organic garden.
Cultural vitality will disappear, as will the economic vitality that is driven by art.
Intangible cultural context is the essence of heritage, making wood and stone worthy of our interest.
He believes that this switch in teaching style is having a cultural effect.
Perhaps it's because the publication covers cultural rather than political topics.
It's an appropriate setting for a cultural exchange.
Cultural twists on the concept hint at new ways of lifting your spirits and making you more content with life.
Plastics held out the promise of a new material and cultural democracy.
In the modern world there are cultural differences that affect how individuals connect objects, themselves and others.
Cultural insights and practical advice from a globe-trotting journalist.
Each economic program takes into account the government's desire to protect the country's environment and cultural traditions.
Students are more valuable to the host community and enrich the cross-cultural experience when they speak the local language.
Encounter cultural diversity while remaining a conscientious and responsible traveler.
Don't overwhelm children with too many cultural experiences.
We promote and fund natural and cultural conservation projects.
With older children, you might talk more explicitly about cultural differences.
Humans have been weaving commercial and cultural connections since before the first camel caravan ventured afield.
Local people team up to protect their natural and cultural heritage and encourage responsible tourism.
Furthermore, the article says nothing of cultural or regional factors.
But this is also cultural lag and cultural rigidity.
And the author does a great job of going into both the ethics and the broader cultural meaning of the neuroscience.
Indeed, the cultural concept of testosterone itself might be to blame for some antisocial and aggressive behavior.
Long a staple of science fiction, self-driving vehicles that act as robot chauffeurs have been a cultural dream for decades.
Cultural and economic changes always reinforce each other.
The cultural movements were, but the political movements didn't go anywhere.
It makes sense of course that cultural differences and social networks should affect costs in delivering services.
They're now promising self-esteem and cultural transformation.
The cultural and behavioral norms of virtual worlds and gaming are generally unstudied.
On the other hand, it refers to low cultural shows operating in a folk environment.
Unstable computer and cellphone interfaces becoming world's primary means of cultural access.
But cultural ties explain so much that it would be foolish to ignore them.
Sometimes a village manages to capture the spirit of the age, to reflect a wider social and cultural phenomenon.
What caught my eye was that the article, early on, seeks to discount theories based around cultural difference.
The flourishing publishing industry makes no apology for resorting to this kind of cultural nationalism.
But the exhibition emphasizes how horses retain cultural significance in the communities.
Here, asking for the best spring rolls or best crab restaurant made cultural-culinary sense.
Fiction's current willingness to take wild liberties with the past may well come from a sense of its own cultural demotion.
Bloom plots a course between a strictly evolutionary account of human pleasure and one with a more pronounced cultural bent.
First there are different cultural tolerances to pain.
It also avoided, less famously but with equal diligence, anything that hinted at cultural pretension.
Finally, the old cultural symbols will have been retired.
If you think that physical appeal is strictly a matter of personal taste and cultural bias, think again.
These data instead given some support to models which posit that group-level cultural dynamics must also be taken into account.
Notice that among humans there are social trends for choosing names that do vary over time and between cultural groups.
The article reflected the latest scientific thinking at the time and cultural biases.
It can be a recognition of cultural or social affinity and phenotype.
In volumes of often colorful codices, key cultural and natural events in their lives were recalled and redrawn.
Most presidents are easy to pin down on our cultural maps.
Resources to help workers, agencies, and systems better understand and enhance their cultural competence.
But the show's cultural influence goes far beyond its ability to replicate itself and make money for its owners.

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