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Whether cultivated truffles taste as good as wild, as many growers say, is a matter of debate.
And clearly as a lit prof, new interests can only be cultivated through books.
In many cases, those poisons have persisted into the cultivated varieties, albeit at lower levels.
Weeds are nothing more than plants that take advantage of unused resources in areas cultivated by humans.
It seems that biodiversity on organic land is far higher than in traditionally cultivated soils.
Bananas have been cultivated for thousands of years.
Fall is a great time to enjoy the woodsy, earthy flavors of mushrooms, both wild and cultivated.
Varied: mixed cultivated and wooded areas, and brushlands.
The culture of coffee has been carefully cultivated to ensure maximum reach.
Community gardens are cultivated with the help of local business sponsors and volunteers.
Swenson has cultivated many long-lasting friendships in her long career.
Spelt, an ancestor of modern wheat, is still cultivated for its nutty flavor and high fiber content.
But the long-term benefit is that those middle donors who are cultivated now may become leaders in campaigns later.
Yet now, his carefully cultivated image as a sober and dependable father-figure is winning many minds.
Evidence of plant domestication is debated, but wild grains were cultivated.
In cultivated gardens, give them fast drainage and avoid overly wet conditions.
He and his friends are being cultivated for their organs.
Most cultivated plants lack resistance to the disease and efforts to breed in resistance have met with limited success, she said.
Relationships between professors and students are cultivated because of the power inherent in the position.
It sucks the blood of both wild and cultivated bees, and has now become immune to pesticides.
It had more than doubled its cultivated land, to a million acres.
These graceful shrubs with arching branches are cultivated for their pleasing fruit display.
The center was a kind of greenhouse where researchers cultivated the communications potential of new technologies.
Suckering habit can be problem in rainy climates or highly cultivated gardens.
The beach gives way to intensively cultivated farmland.
He has cultivated a strong artistic persona that takes his art beyond the narrow confines of the art world.
Today's cultivated varieties serve up tomatoes that are a thousand times larger.
Useful tree for mini-oasis or transition between cultivated garden and native desert.
The party, which has always cultivated a reputation for ethical cleanliness, is suddenly tainted by scandal.
Expanding land use will necessarily lower average yields as less productive land is cultivated.
It does help for networking, if you have cultivated some professional connections with professors in your field there.
Obviously, there's the coppery tan that he has cultivated to perfection.
Non-food aid is more about expertise than resources, and this needs to be cultivated in the developing world.
He cultivated a prolific garden of vegetables and herbs, kept bees, and maintained a menagerie of farm animals.
She cultivated tabloid journalists, even as she visibly suffered from the attentions of an intrusive press.
She has unusual natural gifts, which have been well cultivated.
Also, as the planet gets warmer, crops might be cultivated farther north.
If he cultivated only those snowflakes that settled faster, he ended up with larger ones that grew bigger before splitting.
Every medical instinct cultivated through years of training is predicated on the certainty that the patient is telling the truth.
Even if they've cultivated a relationship up to that point.
Without talking down to their audience, they cultivated a public idiom.
She cultivated relationships with music and film celebrities-practically inventing the concept of supermodels.
It can be grown indoors or outdoors, and is often cultivated in small plots by users themselves.
Poppies are also cultivated legally, mainly for use in medicines.
Wishing to regulate their families, they first cultivated their persons.

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