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And our pedagogical challenge will be to combine hyper attention with deep attention and to cultivate both.
After tenure, it is time to cultivate that gentle art for the sake of things you care about more than interpersonal relations.
They have no house to inhabit, no land to cultivate, nor any domestic charge or care.
Too busy to nurture his inner angst and cultivate his insanity.
Feeling flush, farmers have rushed to buy and cultivate more land.
It provided a cheap source of calories and was easy to cultivate, so it liberated workers from the land.
They tolerate, cultivate, and accommodate special interests of all kinds-at once using and being used.
Sustainable agriculture aims to cultivate the land so it may be used by future generations.
Employers who provide for mental health care may cultivate a better balance sheet as well as a happier lunch room.
Eventually, a railroad was built through the town, which brought farmers to cultivate the land.
People will start to cultivate the land will be able to eat.
Gardeners cultivate many plants primarily for their flowers--but to botanists, a flower is simply a plant's reproductive unit.
To function this way, however, you must cultivate certain skills which are uncommon in practice and not often taught.
To boost profits, you must cultivate the angels and protect yourself against the demons.
Good publishers find and cultivate writers, some of whom do not initially have much commercial promise.
They also cultivate their innocence and rediscover the virtues they believe in every time they sit down to write something new.
The priority wasn't to cultivate a highly professional law-enforcement organization but to control the budget.
At public events, speakers cultivate tones of revenge and disbelief.
It makes no sense to him that the law should give him a life sentence for conspiring to cultivate marijuana.
Even if writers were to cultivate a little moral anguish, they probably could not do a lot with it.
One way to encourage that cooperation is to cultivate the good will of both victims and witnesses.
It will cultivate a whole new growth of hardware startups.
It would be worth the while to cultivate them, both for beauty and for food.
Her task was to nurse, to cultivate, to soften that powerful imagination.
Law-enforcement officers should actively encourage and cultivate cooperation in a nonthreatening way.
One has to cultivate an enlightened disregard for history in these science towns.
While advertisers usually create modules on their own, publishers might also cultivate a lucrative role here.
Any university has the right to cultivate its alumni by accepting its graduates' family members.
We need professors to cultivate freshman and sophomores to guarantee a pipeline into the major.
Some applicants actively cultivate, and even coach, their recommenders.
We are, therefore, compelled to identify and cultivate new sources of financial support.
We knew full well that in order to cultivate our work beyond college would involve a non-traditional career path.
Computers are helpful, but the stacks cultivate intuitive bookish instincts.
It is equally the business of education to cultivate both.
The farmer will not be able to cultivate much better: the landlord will not be able to live much better.
As a preparation for the festival, the daughters of the headman of the village cultivate blades of barley in a peculiar way.
Let me ad, that the farmer and the mechanic should cultivate the perception of beauty.
The next step is to select plant cells that carry the desired genes and cultivate them.
It's not a bad idea, moreover, to consciously cultivate future references.
By removing any real human engagement, they enable us to cultivate our narcissism without the risk of disapproval or criticism.
Companies need to cultivate cordial relations with local potentates, too.
At first the former policeman, who likes to cultivate a strongman image, oversaw swift progress.
They cultivate a strong second-in-command, build enduring executive teams and thoroughly engage their boards.
People live in not luxurious but proper houses, eat food from rice they cultivate and fish they catch themselves from the sea.
Its efforts to cultivate its neighbours have produced only mixed results.
Although one of his better tropes distinguishes the state from society, he wants the former to cultivate the latter.
Instead, they have had to cultivate the rich, who have gained greatly in lobbying power.
Since businesses are starting to cultivate here, the city should grow even more culturally and economically.
But it also illustrates a keenness to cultivate opinion makers.
He should also pick a list of countries and cultivate them and their leaders.
Never a gum chewer or a smoker, she'd decided to cultivate both habits on the drive up.
These patients, though often ingratiating and successful, tend to cultivate a protective shallowness in emotional relations.
Believers remain skeptical about him, waiting to see whether he can cultivate himself to a high level.
Next, we'll visit a tiny farming community where local farmers cultivate indigenous ragi grain without the use of pesticides.
In addition, two previous studies had shown that lemon ants cultivate small stands of other tree species.
Most alligator farmers cultivate their stocks from eggs found in the wild.
Leaf-cutter ants cultivate fungal gardens underground, harvesting fungus grown on composted leaves.
In his line of work you might think he would cultivate a certain nondescript air.
Some aid programs encourage farmers in developing countries to cultivate food for export instead of local consumption.
If you find relationships challenging to cultivate and maintain, then you are in good company.
But he was also a great communicator, who was able to cultivate innovation in others.
Our conscious minds cultivate beauty and food far away and the resistance of weeds nearer at hand.
Cultivate relationships with solar contractors looking to grow their markets.
He will work with the selected storytellers to help them cultivate their stories and their performance.
Maybe they'll cultivate other qualities, so they have more to offer.
Please tell me how to cultivate the bacteria that mosquitoes find so distasteful.
The basic human liking for sweet tastes undoubtedly motivated humans to search for and cultivate sweet products such as fruits.
Cheeses are washed, brined, and stored in different ways to cultivate unique microbial communities and thus unique cheese flavors.
One is that they cultivate an exquisitely fine eye for visual detail.
The garden creeps into the home as designers cultivate the natural world.
It takes a lot of time and effort to cultivate a flower garden.
Cultivate a relationship with the hotel's management or group travel office if your company is a frequent client.
We will cultivate a work environment characterized by professionalism, integrity and commitment.
The patient may either cultivate or designate a caregiver or dispensary to cultivate marijuana.
Private lands used to cultivate marijuana crops are subject to state and federal forfeiture laws.
They needed to learn how to cultivate and use irrigation.
Please note that if you choose to designate a caregiver for this purpose, you as a patient cannot also cultivate.

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