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He was still holding her wrist tightly, as if he were compelling a culprit from the scene of action.
We got much of those same spring rains claimed to be the culprit for the lack of acorns this year.
It is the normal by-product of human respiration and the burning of fossil fuels-probably the main culprit in global warming.
So far, the cause of the explosion is unknown, as is the culprit.
The biggest culprit is the disappearance of well-paying manufacturing jobs.
The culprit is the lawmakers' shrewd manipulation of the budget process.
Moreover, as commentators in the press pointed out, the culprit was a graduate of a trade school rather than of a grande ├ęcole.
With the immediate diagnosis of the culprit germs, doctors won't have to wait for the results of laboratory cultures.
While scientists don't know exactly why so many embryos fail, genetic abnormalities are likely a major culprit.
The obvious culprit is the general-purpose smartphone.
The culprit: hydrogen, created by the reaction of the fuel casing with steam.
The culprit was anthracnose, a fungal disease best known for infecting mangoes.
Historically, administrative complications have been a major culprit.
If the culprit were in the private sector, it probably would not matter.
For many public universities the primary culprit in student tuition increases can be easily identified.
No system is perfect but capitalism is not the real culprit when talking about the economic disparity.
The primary culprit is the buoyant price of oil, itself a product of global economic recovery.
The police, he says, are under more pressure to find any culprit for a crime than to find the real one.
He may not be the last culprit to serve time in prison.
The culprit is the growing use of grains to make biofuels, such as ethanol.
Current research suggests that the culprit may be found in one's genes.
Trade by itself is simply not large enough to be the major culprit, and the timing is wrong.
The crudest attacks come with the culprit's electronic fingerprints.
Mistaken eyewitness identification is a major culprit, but fingerprint misidentification is cited too.
To a certain extent, small population size is the culprit.
Lower-than-expected government revenue was the main culprit behind the higher deficit number.
Public transport can be a culprit as well as a solution.
In this case, the presumed culprit is forest clearance.
The real culprit is government, and the rotten educational system it has created.
Meanwhile, salt manufacturers have seized on studies that suggest the real culprit is not sodium but obesity.
Everything, therefore, points to global warming being the culprit.
But the main culprit is a collective, premature shift to fiscal austerity by governments.
Coke has a culprit ready to hand: the depressed state of the world economy.
Once shown a letter, he could find the culprit machine.
Now scientists have added another coral-killing culprit to the mix: seaweed.
The culprit appears to be a drug akin to aspirin and ibuprofen.
Scientists have identified agricultural fertilizers as a primary culprit behind the phenomenon.
The primary culprit is the deadly chytrid fungus which has devastated frog populations across the world.
The levees that protect the city from river flooding are actually a culprit in wetland loss.
The culprit, not surprisingly, turns out to be humans.
The toxic compounds the team found don't occur naturally in the ocean, and the researchers thought plastic was the culprit.
But the biggest culprit is the extravagant misuse of water by rapidly expanding farms, factories, and cities.
Astronomers had originally speculated that the culprit was a much larger asteroid or comet.
The culprit seems to be the evolution of the human diet.
Fine particulates are emerging as a major culprit of lung related diseases.
But in counterintuitive fact, the culprit is a real estate boom.
Using a firefly protein to light up culprit tumors, scientists have succeeded in detecting the spread of prostate cancer in mice.
Now researchers have found another possible culprit to add to the list: a gene linked to credit-card debt.
Bacteria from human excrement appears to be the culprit.
Some speculated the culprit was habitat loss or pollution.
The new study indicates that congestion in axons is the likely culprit behind amyloid-filled plaques and tau-rich tangles.
Now a study has pinned the proliferation on a particular culprit: robins.
Instead of demonizing bats, however, research shows the real culprit behind these outbreaks could be human error.
The culprit in brain damage may not be a lack of oxygen but rather its reintroduction into the body.
In addition to fertilizers, the other primary culprit is the consumption of fossil fuels.
Carbohydrates are not an essential nutrient and the culprit in the obesity epidemic.
The obvious culprit: continued play after repeated head injuries.
The real culprit to our waist is not using our minds to understand the energy equivalent of calories consumed.
The culprit is environmental change, not genetic drift in the rice seed itself.
But the real culprit, it appears, was deadly chemistry.
The culprit in nearly all cases of syncope is an interruption in blood flow to the brain.
The culprit is the uncertainty principle of quantum mechanics.
The team says the evidence points to the oil spill as the culprit.
It also appears to be the main culprit in brain farts.
Finally, several lines of research suggest that an aggressive autoimmune response may be the culprit.
The landslide is less than three years old, and a new impact crater near the top appears to be the culprit.
And in the yellows that had browned, the team found their culprit in forcing the chromium change: barium sulfate.
Water vapor increase resulting from deforestation is the real culprit.
Again, the culprit is the lack of restraint normally provided by recombination.
On the other hand, he sees some signs in his own research that changing sea levels could be the culprit.
Should this happen, a medical problem may be the culprit.
The evidence increasingly points to global warming as the culprit.
When you have such an obvious culprit, reaching for an incredibly rare one isn't terribly parsimonious.
One has to go down the time line as to vaccines being the culprit.
The causes of the coral's demise are manifold, but they all come back to one culprit: us.
Still unknown: whether an electronic problem is also a culprit in sudden acceleration.
The real culprit, he said, was carbohydrates--the sugar and starch that are especially abundant in junk food.
In its preliminary evaluation, it suspects the floor mat to be the culprit.
The lack of work in the recession remains the culprit.

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