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Example sentences for culpable

And you my dear are culpable for trying to paper over the ugly reality.
For example, if you choose to do drugs, you are culpable for decisions you make while under the influence of those drugs.
When they fail in that charge, they are criminally negligent and culpable for their actions.
However, this moral philosopher is certainly guilty of culpable negligence with respect to the truth.
But he offered two exceptions both on the grounds that societal pressure made society partially culpable.
She's puzzled that people think her remotely culpable in the affair.
Cal's senior management is either incompetent or culpable.
Investigators have failed to find anyone culpable for killing civilians.
No one country is to blame: many of the participants are culpable.
With regard to the rest of us, in the absence of fraud, borrower and lender are equally culpable.
Sanctions against culpable executives ought to be more effective.
It's true, that there is a huge difference between explaining culpable behaviour and defending it.
Private industry and public sector are both culpable.
Then they, too, may be held legally culpable for the infringing activity.
Attorney found culpable of professional misconduct, but no period of suspension imposed.

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