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Example sentences for culpability

But the culpability of family members is not always so clear cut.
Delta settled out of court, but has not admitted culpability.
It's not about hiding misconduct or culpability but avoiding the fickle inclinations of the market.
More often than not, suits are settled as a matter of economic efficiency, not police culpability.
Mistakes were made, he says, without offering an apology or a hint of culpability.
Controversy is also brewing over the culpability of the government.
Those who speak in terms of moral clarity fail to see how innocence and culpability can wear the same face.
As in so many other cases, the real culpability lies elsewhere.
But blaming the system for cheating ignores the culpability of the students themselves.
Their culpability comes from promoting counter-insurgency.
He said central bankers and regulators bear culpability too.
It must have been your own guilt and culpability that would have led you to respond to my comments.
She apologized yesterday for any culpability or negligence by the state.
Bush must make sure that any investigation is not only fair but thorough, examining culpability along the entire chain of command.
Pending further investigations, legal culpability was uncertain.
The group had not previously admitted its culpability.
It does not focus on the culpability of government and business leaders, as the main report does.
So here is another preventable tragedy for which culpability is diffuse.
For a decade now, the agency has successfully avoided a reckoning with its own culpability in letting this tragedy transpire.
But culpability for this disaster shouldn't be a zero-sum proposition.
To prosecute individuals fairly, you need individual evidence of guilt and a nuanced approach to their degrees of culpability.
But a moral culpability is attached to whatever afflicts our minds.
If ever there was an excuse to bully people into admitting their culpability in a scam, this is certainly it.
Action should have been taken first, questions about culpability asked later.
As for culpability, that is an entirely different debate.
It's not exactly a subtle examination of morality and culpability.
They have influenced the courts to achieve the same rights as people, with none of the culpability or responsibility.
As others have pointed out, you were apparently taken advantage of but you also have culpability in letting this happen.
Besides the innuendo and insinuation factor, please tell me where the president's culpability lies.
She sets out to collect the evidence that will prove the cult's culpability.
They consented to the orders without admitting or denying culpability.

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