culminating in a sentence

Example sentences for culminating

The ministry is readying a scale of sanctions, culminating in the total withdrawal of benefits, to promote compliance.
By the normal standards of mobile robotics, that would be a culminating demonstration for a research project.
And as things progress, the ratio of game to movie gets even smaller, culminating in a bizarre final five hours.
Flashbacks reveal the whole story and the actual culprit, culminating in a surprising last-minute twist.
Their rivalry, culminating in the destruction of the first transatlantic cable.
The culminating event will be a party of parties at which no one will be left standing.
There are plenty of big low-comic laughs, culminating in an inspired slapstick chase sequence.
Its life is also relatively short, culminating in a dull pop as its filament fractures.
They gradually became increasingly asymmetric and backward-bending, culminating in the flexible versions of early birds.
Prior to deploying, units also conduct a large-scale exercise referred to as a culminating training event.

Famous quotes containing the word culminating

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