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Example sentences for culling

Computer teams pick their winners by culling data from past performances.
If anything, global culling or birth control are rather shortsighted solutions themselves.
Better management of cattle and earlier culling of rabbits, which are more controlled today, could have saved the wren.
The center's announcement said wolves benefit prey populations by culling sick animals and preventing overpopulation.
Culling, or releasing a fish from a line or reservoir upon the catch of a larger fish, is prohibited.
Culling and, yes, killing a portion of a herd seems a natural way of helping a group of animals and their habitat to thrive.
Culling five books out of such a long, worthy list is never easy.
Gone, too, is its predecessor's thousand-year-old ninja cult charged with culling decadent metropolises via outlandish plots.
Every year a culling team inside the park kills elephants.
The call for culling of wolves on the island is thus growing.
There are calls for culling or allowing trophy hunting under rigorous controls.
But it failed to make bolder moves, such as merging or culling services or consigning niche ones to online channels.
One aim of the research is to develop effective culling strategies for the island's bison population.
For that, some kind of global fund would be helpful to encourage culling, monitoring and the correct use of animal vaccines.
Changing the label and culling symbolic perks would not make a firm less of a threat if it failed.
After the cake culling ceremony, pull out the favors.
They were responsible for examining each box of chicks as it was brought in, and culling the small and weak.
There are millions of stars to choose from, even after culling them down to find ones that look better than others.
We're undermining natures method of culling our idiots.
So for the culling to be truly effective in preventing the disease, you would also need to be culled.
For example, science tells us that culling the human population is the best way to reduce the effects of climate change.
If other effects can come into play, it may be that the culling of a species will have unanticipated consequences.
Of course, it's better to use discretion, no matter how many times one hears that culling comment from hirers.
Culling is used as a conservation tool to reduce populations that have exceeded the carrying capacity of their habitat.
Culling is an efficient and humane way to reduce herds of animals that are habituated to the presence of humans.
Culling was intermediate to the two fertility control options.
Culling means the depopulation of a flock before the end of its normal production period.
Simply by depriving other candidates of votes in the first contest, she could play a decisive role in culling the field.
For the moment, however, political leaders are busy culling votes.
Even better, online courtship saves time and energy by culling prospects in advance.
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