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Example sentences for cull

Bot aficionados scour poker manuals and online forums to cull the best strategies.
Most quake researchers cull the whale's booming calls from their seafloor recordings.
Others in the community cull the pictures into sets.
It's one of the jobs of a skilled scientific illustrator to cull the visual chaff and focus attention on the subject at hand.
The idea is to cull fuel-thirsty, polluting drivetrains.
They're used as a convenient form of biological control, to cull insect pests without having to resort to chemical agents.
The problem of how to cull observations honestly is a constant preoccupation of statisticians and methodologists.
Cull the local stats, add a bit of police commentary and be done with it.
Sale of cull cows is a significant source of income for ranchers.
Properly managing and marketing cull cows may mean the difference between a profit and a loss for a year.

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Little do such men know the toil, the pains, The daily, nightly racking of the brains, To range the thoughts, the matter... more
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