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Few see any culinary action more sophisticated than reheating leftovers or popping popcorn.
When it's all laid out, the vista of culinary possibilities looks endless.
Edible clay by no means exhausted the region's culinary creativity.
Culinary historians know nothing about who first put leaf to water.
The city's speedy evolution is also evident on the culinary scene.
The culinary use of oyster mushrooms was one reason why she picked them for the experiment.
Molecular gastronomy aims to apply the piercing clarity of science to the culinary arts.
The jet's kitchen serves full dinners prepared by military stewards, but they are unlikely to win culinary or nutrition awards.
But taking away some control from diners allows a chef to craft an entire culinary experience.
In the years since, deep regret has set in and the longing for a culinary connection with her has only intensified.
The claim that free-range meat is a healthier option is a commonly heard bit of culinary wisdom.
Furthermore, the influx of menus had no impact on the family's culinary habits.
But a tiny seed with a suddenly high price has created a culinary crisis in the neighborhood.
Forget about theory of mind, morality or even the culinary arts.
Culinary salts generally come either from the oceans or from solid underground deposits of ancient seas.
He soon began closing the restaurant for many months a year, time he used for culinary experimentation.
Instant message: culinary stardom can be aggravating.
But with a little effort, that business trip can be a culinary adventure.
Roast chicken is the utility infielder of practically everyone's culinary repertoire.
Culinary magazines photograph food so intimately, you feel as if you're almost up inside that fleshy pepper.
Many of the finest among them are still with us, never improved upon from a culinary standpoint.
Here, asking for the best spring rolls or best crab restaurant made cultural-culinary sense.
It features an open-kitchen and, at night, rotating culinary themes.
As the band plays on the terrace above, guests begin their culinary journey with selections of bread, crostini and salads.
Fungus that grows on rot might not, at first, seem the perfect image of our culinary ideals.
Provides wholesale prices for a variety of culinary herbs on a regional basis by commodity.

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