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It's a soupy, creamy street food that's recently entered the realm of haute cuisine.
There are few better ways to experience local cuisine and culture than with a walking food tour.
Now insects may become the next food frontier for space cuisine.
Cuisine and dining traditions are emblematic of local culture.
Now it's easy to sample this intriguing cuisine at home.
He is also editing a textbook on the science of modern cuisine.
Insects figure into the traditional cuisine of many cultures.
Acceptance of lavender in cuisine varies, so start with the minimum, then taste before adding more.
The coconut has long been a staple of cuisine in tropical places.
Cafeteria cuisine can be forgettable-but the people you dine with can make lunchtime a savory experience.
He believes in market-driven cuisine that focuses on fresh seasonal ingredients from the finest local producers.
In addition, visitors will be able to taste some of the region's wonderful cuisine.
In particular, he says almost nothing about the country's fascinating national cuisine.
The local cuisine dates back to the days when people burned off calories at work.
Molecular gastronomy-the use of scientific techniques to create exotic cuisine-is becoming a household term.
Another spot that has alternately appealing and appalling images of bug cuisine is here.
And yet local cuisine didn't suffer for the rice's character flaw.
The doctors trade their time for sumptuous cuisine, paid for by the sponsoring drug company.
Eateries now offer crepes, wood-fired artisan bagels and north-west fusion cuisine.
Decades later, his restaurants did much to introduce the country to fine and stylish cuisine.
It is what explains their superb cuisine, for example.
She wants to give you directions, provide local weather reports, and locate the closest sources of exotic cuisine.
It's a movement that's saying basta to endless rush hours, drive-through cuisine, and multinational branding.
Experience their cuisine and other aspects of their culture.
The memory of the glamorous carriages, sumptuous cuisine, and personal service will stay with you forever.
Our room was simply decorated and the cuisine, while tasty, was not innovative.
Treat yourself to a restaurant meal and still enjoy seasonal cuisine made of locally grown foods.
Real vegetarian cuisine exists-and if we're lucky, it will spread.
He spent his spare time hiking and developed a taste for southwestern cuisine.
Let's face it, when it comes to the salad course, miner's lettuce is the king of our indigenous cuisine.
There is a gift for cooking too, though as yet no cuisine.
And you can lunch there, too, from the carefully designed spa-cuisine menu.
My favorite places to indulge in the local cuisine are.
Among the steps he took to move it forward was to bring in modern cuisine.
Interesting cuisine, he believes, often comes out of poverty.
The homegrown tomato is the essence of flavorful summer cuisine.
As for the cuisine, it's self-consciously down-market, and in place of an extensive wine list there's lots and lots of beer.
Their likes and dislikes, their favorite wines and preferred cuisine.
Her books have spread the gospel of genuine southern cuisine and inspired a generation of home cooks.
They describe a cuisine that is thrifty and simple and delicious.
At the top end is five-star cuisine of the highest order.
Those cattle they round up have become politically incorrect: for many, meat is an obscene cuisine.
The event features the cuisine of the top area restaurants along with micro brewed beer and wine tasting.
Their extensive event menu caters to every taste, and they are always willing to tailor their cuisine to your event's needs.

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