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There has lately been a strange development of feeling over the rumors of a revival of detachable shirt cuffs.
Everyone got his collars and cuffs filthy with frosting.
There was for a while no money bid for argument unless the poet and the player went to cuffs in the question.
She knits woollen shawls and embroiders cuffs, ruining her old eyes.
Decorate simple favor boxes with pretty bows and paper cuffs.
Pin the ears and tail in place and tie on the fur cuffs.
Made entirely by hand, it is embellished with hand-knit scalloping at the cuffs and hem, and hand-painted ceramic buttons.
Elastic bound flex cuffs help seal in thermal warmth without sliding down your wrist on prolonged reaches.
Leg cuffs are adjustable, as are the removable suspenders.
The soft neoprene punch-through arm cuffs and adjustable neck closure comfortably block water entry.
The cuffs around the wrist are loose and not restricting.
His upper arms are decorated with beaded cuffs, his face painted with white clay.
These slacks are lined with a fabric that reflects light when you roll up the cuffs.
The officer orders us against the hood of his car and frisks and cuffs us.
She unzips his pants, pulls the cuffs and slides them off.
He slapped metal cuffs on my wrists and pushed me off the plane.
The cuffs end a notable distance from his bare feet.
She was wearing a baseball cap and a white lab coat over jeans with rolled-up cuffs.
Thin sheets of celluloid formed waterproof imitation linen for detachable linen collars and cuffs.
They slip the tails of the mice into miniature cuffs to measure their blood pressure.
Within a few minutes, there were four policemen at the scene, and both of the boys were in hand- cuffs.
These cops couldn't fit the cuffs on him so they wedged him in the garbage can.
Cut over our own patterns with button-down or regular collars, single cuffs, in white.
In gloves, the favorite trick is to put tailored metal initials up the outer side of the cuffs.
There was blood on the boys' cuffs, their shirttails, and the bills of their gray twill caps.
Designs include stacked bangles and cuffs, chains and pendants.
Tourniquet cuffs are routinely used to stop blood flow in patients' arms or legs during surgery.
Test cuff inflation system by injecting the maximum recommended volume of air into the cuffs.
The shoulders, back, and cuffs are also adorned with matching ribbon.
The cuffs inflated sequentially during diastole cause retrograde aortic flow, and increased venous return.

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