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Temperature is often a cue to enter or emerge from hibernation.
As if on cue, a lion roared in the safari park across the reservoir.
As others have suggested, sit somewhere in the middle, where you can see other folks and take your cue from what they do.
As she waits for her final cue, she looks out into the audience and sees no sign of her father.
The choice each monkey had to make was whether to see an earlier informative cue.
The surrounding material, especially the periosteum and the growth protein, helped to cue the stem cells to produce bone tissue.
The political leaders claim to take their cue from the financial markets but they are misreading the signals.
He had mastered the game in his head before he finally picked up a pool cue, at the age of eight.
Reformers may indeed be taking the premier's cue and cranking up the decibel too.
Ledger's jousting lance breaks against his opponent's breastplate right on cue.
Cue baffled noises from me, and the faint whimper of broken childhood memories.
The fact that our brain actually processes something completely different when a visual cue is added is interesting indeed.
Several of their other pieces take a more direct cue from research on perception.
When the cue came from the conductor, he started cranking furiously, but no sound emitted.
Schmitt said he took this as a cue to include those aspects in his statement.
It has a larger song library, and it supports voice commands, so players can cue up a song without grabbing a controller.
In both cases the cue is delivered to the ear opposite the direction that the animal is being nudged towards.
Such gloomy reflections are the cue for ringing phrases about the future.
Helpfully on cue, piracy now seems less of a threat.
Cue lots of clever headlines with green and gold in them.
They were only given their own lines and a short cue.
To perform his task accurately, the projectionist relies on cue marks.
Cue more commentary about whether bankers are arrogant.
For the kids in the experiment, the cue was the precise location of a cartoon character.
Every once in a while, however, the whole feverish production doesn't shut down on cue.
We can take the cue from our fears and plunge the world into chaos.

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