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Example sentences for cuddle

But you can hold them and cuddle them while they're getting the vaccine, and then you can hold them tightly afterwards.
Whatever its origins, the grille-mounted cuddle object is found across the country.
He enjoys a good cuddle with the oil execs and also with the health care execs.
Most humans-and animals-don't cuddle up with corpses.
Maybe they wouldn't be so angry all the time if they simply had something their size to cuddle.
Her fuzzy, bluish-gray fur is the distinct coat of a hooded seal less than a year old, and she appears soft enough to cuddle.
Otherwise, keep to yourselves and cuddle in the warmth of your newly manipulated nationalism.
It's a soft, comfortable material that makes you want to curl up and cuddle with a warm cup of tea.
It's a brace against the whistling winds and quiet nights of the soul, a balm to the free-floating desire for cuddle and comfort.
One dog loves to cuddle and lie with one of the cats.
The two discuss social issues and cuddle in bed before copulating.
They also didn't laugh and cuddle and kiss and dance in the kitchen anymore.
Forget the sheltering sweater to cuddle up in and conceal the body.
He's a prodigiously fast learner, can communicate through sign language and is easy to cuddle.
The animals make tracks, build a snowman and cuddle up in a cave to nap.
She and other volunteers cuddle and feed and heap copious praise on the children, who light up in their presence.
But if a tiger wants to put its head on my shoulder and, you know, cuddle up to me.
They are books to cuddle up with, books that make you feel good and give you pleasure.
Bail doesn't want the reader to cuddle up to his characters.
Many do not-- but they have relatives that do--so finding a calf to cuddle up with for the summer is easy.
After shots for infants, mothers may wish to cuddle or breastfeed.

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