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Example sentences for cube

There are theoretical arguments that the size of a legislature should proportional to the cube root of the number of voters.
Turbine power generation is proportional to the cube of wind speed.
Figure out the answers on every side of this crossword cube.
Cut and cube the mango for this salsa at home and then stash it in your cooler.
As a result, the size of the typical cube has been getting smaller.
Correct way: lightly flour cube steaks and brown in a frying pan before placing them in the bottom of the crock pot.
They were then shown a cube and a sphere and asked which was which.
Watch a piece of charcoal catch fire and see what happens when a cube of gelatin is dropped on a flat surface.
The stereotype of programming in a cube is long gone.
Add a dimension, and the drop-off would be an inverse cube.
The images end at a room filled wall-to-wall by a giant white cube.
If you do not have a thermometer, test oil with a cube of bread-it should turn golden in under two minutes.
Every cube is cut to the same size and the sea air is drying it into dense bricks, ready to be thrown onto a living room fire.
The small bedroom she keeps for herself lacks personal touches, except for a plastic photo cube on her nightstand.
There's a quota each day, and sales managers roam the aisles of our cube heaven.
Gamely swallowing the abalone, he then deftly places a cube of braised tofu into his mouth.
Computation goes as the cube of the processing gain.
Power output increases in proportion to the cube of the wind speed.
To accomplish this, they were stuck in ice cube trays and cooled.
They stuck stylized cube farms into faux warehouses and figured that would work.
The surface area of a body increases in proportion to the square of its dimensions, but the body's volume increases as the cube.
With fans bearing down on all four sides, it gets mighty cozy for the two people with rackets in that little cube.
Having that as my kind of studio, outside of a museum or precious white-cube gallery, that was a kind of education.
Not reading me was to me normal and as emotional as an ice cube.
Storage is also mysteriously absent, as the cube shows no signs of shelving or filing space.
He grabs a pen and paper and sketches a rough cube with two cats inside.
Two at a time were plopped down in an arena, facing a small cube.
The junk is mapped, so the cube sail can be sent after it.
Within seven years, he hopes to teach a millimeter-sized cube of neurons to do arithmetic and recognize patterns.
Since the volume increases by the cube of the radius, large objects would be at a strong disadvantage in such calculations.
Count the number of ice cube slots in the tray and thread a few beads onto the lacing or thread.
Display style on-line ad cube units are available across many of our channels.
Show students a group of four red and brown cubes, with a red cube followed by a brown cube.
Parts of the ice cube stay frozen all year long and other parts freeze in the winter and become water in the spring.
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