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Example sentences for cubby

The rear cup holders slid from their cubby with lubricated ease.
Artificial cubby sets are also standard for raccoon.
Cubby sets are used for mink and muskrats where the bank slopes too much to make a pocket set.
Cubby and flag sets are not allowed when the lynx season is closed, as it is this year.
The serial number is located on a sticker in a cubby on the driver's side.
Artificial cubby set means any manufactured container with an opening on one end that houses a trapping device.
These sets include placing traps out of reach of dogs through the use of running pole-sets or the use of dog-proof cubby sets.
Susi stays close to her father as he hangs up her clothes and puts some things in her cubby.
Or, you can take it a step further by installing a new mailbox that also includes an open cubby for newspapers.

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