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Think slightly deeply about the ramifications of this fact, and the real problem will crystallize before you.
It takes time even for genius to crystallize the thought with which her letters and poems are crammed.
In order for the water vapor to crystallize, the atmospheric temperature has to be at or below freezing point.
As water begins to crystallize into ice, its hydrogen molecules hook together in ways that form six-sided crystals.
The chemicals in saliva can crystallize into a stone that can block the salivary ducts.
These minerals began to crystallize between the waterlogged wood's cell walls.
These are themes that straight history can rarely crystallize.
Gradually, meanings emerge and emotions crystallize.
More impressive still, one portrait can fade out and another crystallize in no time at all.
The trick was to make a substance crystallize as a highly ordered, symmetrical, porous framework.
Molecules of fluid water crystallize into solid ice.
One hopes and presumes that as sample sizes increase in this domain we'll start to see more clarity as new paradigms crystallize.
All it takes is a little geometrical bias to crystallize things.
Salts form in oceans as a result of prolonged contact with subsurface minerals, which dissolve in the water and then crystallize.
The molecules crystallize only in the areas between electrical contacts, bridging the gaps between them.
Clicking a metal disc in the solution creates a nucleation center that causes the solution to rapidly crystallize, releasing heat.
The way researchers made new magnets in the past was to crystallize alloys and look for new forms with better properties.
But it did help crystallize the first of my two responses.
These stable hollow spheres will easily crystallize into well-ordered, three-dimensional single crystals.
In general, minerals that crystallize at the same temperature occur together in the same igneous rock.
The remaining solution will be more concentrated and salt will crystallize from it.
Freeze-crystallize copper sulfate baths to purify them.
The interior of a flow cools slower, so the light-colored felsic minerals are also able to crystallize.

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