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Example sentences for cryptography

It is an organization devoted to cryptography as a hobby.
Unfortunately, much of the information online about email encryption and cryptography is unnecessarily detailed and complex.
It's going to be a barnstorming adventure through symmetry groups, equation solving in a ring, and cryptography.
Again, you should not be writing books that involve cryptography.
Of course public key cryptography already offers a good technical foundation for such a system.
Cryptography will ineluctably spread over the whole globe, and with it the anonymous transactions systems that it makes possible.
Her research made advances in symbolic computation and algebraic algorithms, including ideas that can be used in cryptography.
That's because they're the building blocks of cryptography.
Space-based quantum cryptography could allow perfect privacy for all satellite communications, even television broadcasts.
Cryptography, the science of codes, can overcome these problems and make true digital money a reality.
Either way, expect to hear a lot more about post quantum cryptography--provided the powers that be allow.
Most current public key cryptography is based on the difficulty of factoring integers.
Since then cryptography went back to good old random number method which is impossible to break.
More details on how that relates to cryptography would be good too.
Her research interests are in cryptography, theoretical computer science, and computer security.
Failing to use, or inventing your own, cryptography can introduce vulnerability.
Cryptography may play an important role in key management.
The new technologies represent a paradigm shift in practical cryptography.
Application-specific hardware or software development kits implementing cryptography.
Hough's technical interests including network security, secure software engineering, and applied cryptography.
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