cryogenic in a sentence

Example sentences for cryogenic

Even if the soup is preserved in cryogenic stasis, it will probably never again be fit to eat.
Heat from one of the cooling systems will be used to vaporize the cryogenic fuel.
He is also looking into using cryogenic wind tunnels for further simulations.
Because it is a cryogenic facility, each run is accompanied by lengthy cool-down and warm-up phases.
But cryogenic superconducting coils are unlikely to be a cost effective answer to lowering costs.
Samples of the author's cells are stored in trays under cryogenic conditions.
Magnetic coolers have been used for years in laboratories for cryogenic temperatures tens of degrees below zero.
Cryogenic polarized nuclear spins are better, but the nuclear magneton is small.
Infrared cryogenic blackbody broadband calibration.
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