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Faculty openly talked about how certain senior faculty liked to scream and yell and make junior people cry.
Bats judge how far away a moth is based on the time delay between making the cry and its audible return.
They haven't coalesced into anything you could really call a rallying cry.
The goal of a net-neutral impact on the environment will increasingly be the rallying cry of the corporation.
But recognizing a language and being able to speak it-or cry it-are two different things.
Every great sword-and-sandals flick needs a great rallying cry.
They cry before the camera, and they do so unapologetically.
Those pictures were far more graphic, but no one got up to cry about them.
Every cry they hear, a bottle goes in their mouth to shut them up.
The video made me cry to see these magnificent little animals on their way back to the wild, healthy and whole.
Maybe if there's enough hue and cry about the announcement in the blogosphere and in social media they'll rethink the notion.
Now a plethora of other stories cry out for the same treatment.
They're happy to see you, ride around on your shoulder, jump up on your lap and cry out with little squeals when upset.
The insurgents cry for openness and exploit technological loopholes with abandon.
They cry to each other but they have drifted so far that their voices cannot be heard.
Border patrol agents are a far cry from fingerprint experts.
Yes, allergies can make you cry and make you not want to get off the couch.
While such fuel savings aren't negligible, the model is a far cry from the first, superefficient hybrids.
If you neglect it then the thing would cry and eventually die.
It was a far cry from the original highway-commission blueprints and their more topographically friendly, meandering roadways.
She sits forever on the potty and will cry to get a diaper so she can go in it instead.
It's become a rallying cry for almost any group working for social change.
But the plush alien animal corpse proved so popular that a cry went up from fans for somebody to make the joke a reality.
Real science quotes repeatable experiments, or it's not a far cry from conspiracy theory.
Honestly, the thought of writing a dissertation makes me want to cry.
Every sword-and-sandals flick needs a great rallying cry.
She had a job she hated so much she would cry on the way to work sometimes.
It's simply based on the loudest hue and cry from the outraged villagers.
The oration caused everyone in the court to cry, even the judge.
Which means that your purple mouthed cry-juice might not be good for your heart after all.
He bent down, seized upon it and lifted it to a flickering light with a cry of thankful joy.
To get the kids to cry she said she gave them lollipops and then took them away.
Don't cry for the bondholders, but do cry for the workers.
And they find that the basic features of every animal's cry, such as frequency and duration, depend on the creature's metabolism.
They employ fallacy and conspiracy to sow seeds of fear and distrust, and then cry when someone labels them for what they are.
Have a little cry and say your prayers: that will make you comfortable.
With a cry he arose, dragging the heavy desk along the floor.
She wanted to leap and run, to cry out, to find some other lonely human and embrace him.
It is an unpatriotic sell-out to foreigners, cry many.
But holding seminars and issuing directives is a far cry from hunting down criminal gangs and breaking up their networks.
His prediction turned out to be basically correct, and it became a rallying cry for the emerging computer industry.
There was a huge cry about stopping motor racing because it was wasteful.
Thousands of moments that will make us laugh and cry.
They instinctively centred all their demands about the cry for a national parliament.
Plants have more than thorns and thistles to protect themselves-they can cry for help.
However, the technique has only been demonstrated in rabbits, a far cry from successfully completing a womb transplant in humans.
Yet the baleen whale is obviously a far cry from any mammal on land.
When you're exposed to dimethyl sulfate vapors, the first thing that happens is it makes you start to cry.
That's a far cry from denying the existence of something.
She doesn't know whether to laugh or to cry at the thought of leaving home forever.
Which was how they dealt with it-the leaving-by giving each other reasons to cry and reasons to be angry.
They pedal through the alley on three-wheeled carts, each announcing his product with a trademark cry.
It was a plea for sanity as much as a rallying cry for it.
Or having to do the kind of make-'em-cry commercial stuff, the celebrity interviews.
Burton's brand of fantasy is a far cry from the work of this filmmaker.
He was the funniest thing, totally made me cry with laughter.
His belly is distended by malnutrition, and although he appears to be in pain, he has no energy to cry.
Because all babies cry, try not to let the crying frustrate you.

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