crusty in a sentence

Example sentences for crusty

It is annoying when the gooey stuff drains out of the crusty exterior.
Itching is common, and your eyelids may appear greasy or crusty.
The result was a deliciously crusty little roast that was nonetheless extraordinarily juicy when carved into one-inch slices.
In this case, gas rises but is trapped beneath the crusty roof.
Also dissolves oxide off the liquid solder, making it less crusty and therefore more shiny.
Also, reports indicate that well water remained muddy for several days and that many cracks formed in the crusty snow.
The reservoir has two feet of ice, topped with three inches of crusty snow.
The blisters go through several stages before they get crusty, scab over and fall off.
Occasionally, yellowish cuplike crusty areas are seen.
Eyelids may itch and burn and appear swollen, red and crusty.
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