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Example sentences for crusted

The vast crusted salt pan is scored with symmetrical polygonal cracks.
Note the partially-crusted-over lava lake in the first shot.
For fancier tastes, there's spice-crusted filet mignon and maple-glazed duck.
The problem was the rotten snow-crusted chunks that couldn't support a skier's weight.
Melted candle wax crusted the bedrock on either side of the opening.
Among them is this rich, velvety stew made with chicken and condensed milk and thickened with de-crusted white bread.
The rice will emerge as a golden-crusted cake, to be garnished with edible flowers and herbs, then served in wedges.
Its eyes were crusted over and its head was shaking back and forth.
Clawing up ice-crusted, razor-sharp mountain peaks can get a little boring.
The entrees are thin-crusted pizzas with a choice of seven toppings.
Tea-crusted chicken and walnut salad with tea-infused vinaigrette.
Popular appetizers also include pepper-crusted seared tuna, fried calamari and shrimp and risotto croquettes.
Offerings include chili coconut mussels, ginger soy fish soup and walnut-crusted salmon.
Those who want to try a unique, flavorful entrée might try the horseradish crusted grouper or the ginger tuna.
Try the pinon crusted trout topped with mango salsa and served with fried spinach.
Diners can enjoy entrees such as vegetable paella, cornmeal-crusted snapper and the bison burger.
The lunch special is a fried pork chop, crisp crusted and dripping with juice.
But one morning during my visit, even he had occasion to smile at a dish of pepper-crusted smoked beef tongue.
The linoleum that had been greasy and sticky, with the occasional crusted food spot, was buffed to a smart shine.
Simply covering the vesicles with bandages before they are dry and crusted is not an acceptable form of avoiding exclusion.
Alfalfa seed growers now construct large subirrigated silty nest sites for this bee, supplying them with salt-crusted surfaces.

Famous quotes containing the word crusted

Wind rushes over the dunes, and the coarse, salt-crusted grass answers. Heu, it whips round my ankles!... more
One must have a mind of winter To regard the frost and the boughs Of the pine-trees crusted with snow;... more
The five kings count the dead but do not soften The crusted wound nor stroke the brow; A hand rules pity as... more
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