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Example sentences for crusade

It is easy to campaign if everyone can get behind a common enemy and crusade.
They were quite sincere and considered theirs a moral crusade.
Will never meant to turn his opposition into a crusade.
Napoleon's crusade to conquer the world had stalled.
Let us start this crusade within ourselves, then our family.
Teams from across the globe converge on the host nation in something of an unarmed, athletic crusade.
He mercilessly rooted out perceived enemies of the state in what amounted to a crusade against science.
Populists crusade against corruption, but often engender more.
With the scourge of unwanted e-mail on the rise, some unlikely candidates are joining the crusade.
And so what had started as an intellectual pursuit now became a crusade.
When the army of the crusade approached, the saint redoubled his earnestness among an obstinate people, and saved many.
Single-handed, he began a crusade against the gross political corruption of the city government.
The effort to authenticate the painting became a crusade.
There would probably be a crusade to outlaw their use on the spot.
So maple syrup became a crucial symbol in a new crusade, this time to secure the authenticity of the food supply.
Another reason for caution is that firms on a cash crusade can all too easily choke off investment in promising new products.
Lobotomy became his career, his crusade, and he spread psychosurgery's gospel with boundless enthusiasm.
Once that was over, he needed a new crusade, and the anti-fracking crusade is the one he chose.
Your last crusade is to match up the parts of your map correctly.
Such an arrangement usually makes for a rocky crusade.

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