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Example sentences for crunchy

Good corn doesn't even need to be cooked to add sweet, crunchy flavor to salads.
Tinny, distorted highs and crunchy lows makes for an awful aural experience.
At that point, they seemed more chewy and rubbery than crunchy.
The contrasts--cold and warm, soft and crunchy--all came together well.
With crunchy radishes and bitter frisée, this salad brings its vinegar note in the form of a spicy mustard dressing.
The play calling has been improved, and look for sweet new moves from the players, as well as some extra-crunchy tackles.
Brown rice syrup is your best friend for both chewy and crunchy bars.
It features ultra crunchy roasted barley grains, peppered with chickpeas.
It's easy to see why: the tangy, crunchy, slightly sweet noodles are irresistible.
For starters, there are crunchy spring rolls and a variety of dumplings.
The leaves are sometimes coated with lime, giving them a crunchy feel.
We refer to that product as consisting of sweetened multi-grain flakes, crunchy rice and oat clusters.
Serve with celery or other crunchy fruits and vegetables.
The crunchy, fully cooked product exits the extruder through an opening at the end of the machine in less than two minutes.
But autumn-there is something crunchy and fresh and exhilarating about autumn.

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