crunch time in a sentence

Example sentences for crunch time

It's not a huge time savings, but during crunch time on certain tasks, it makes a huge difference.
It's getting down to crunch time in the debt ceiling debate.
Dunlap, defensive teammates didn't disappoint in crunch time.
He took full advantage, was still out there in crunch time, and may have re-established himself in the rotation.
With spring training opening in less than a month, it's closing in on crunch time for all involved.
But a little over a year ago she faltered at crunch time, and she has paid a stinging price ever since.
Giving positive feedback to each other for doing good work and achieving results, during crunch time and every day.
Now the crunch time has arrived and the bill has come due.
It's down to crunch time for many of us in the fantasy world.
Yes, he pontificated about how he opposed the war, but at crunch time he voted in favor of funding it.
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